18 Month Car Lease

18 Month Car Leases
Fixed Contracts
£469 +VAT per month*

We offer a range of 18-month car leases on our Short-Term Car Lease programs. These aren’t as popular as 6-month car leases and 12-month car leases, but an 18-month contract suits many consumers and businesses.

The vehicles listed below are currently available on our plans, please click on the vehicle for the latest availability.

If the vehicle is stated as being “in-stock” we aim to deliver these vehicles within 1-3 weeks from the date of order.

If you’re in need of a quicker vehicle, we would highly recommend our flexible car leases as these tend to be in physical stock.

Fixed Short-Term Lease from

£469.00 plus. VAT p/m

18 Month Car Lease Offers

Price Range
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Peugeot 408 Fastback 1.2 PureTech GT 5dr Auto
18 month car lease from £499.00 + VAT per month. Includes 9,000 miles.
* With initial payment equivalent to 2 months

If you’re in the market for a Long Term Car Lease, we would recommend trying our Find a Car Lease service. We shop the car leasing market for you, comparing prices against no less than 12 different funders.

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