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Electric Car Home Charger Installation

As Electric Cars (BEV) become more mainstream, if you are considering subscribing or leasing an EV, then you should also do some research on Home (and Office) solutions.

Cocoon Vehicles has partnered with ChargedEV to provide you with a range of EV charging solutions for your house. This includes pay upfront and monthly payment options.

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They can also supply a range of chargers for your office or place of work, to help encourage members of staff to switch to an Electric Vehicle.

Why we recommend ChargedEV:

EV Home Charging Solutions in Derby

How it Works

  1. Fill out the online self-survey form.
  2. Choose your charger and installation.
  3. Book a time/date for your EV charger installation.
  4. ChargedEV will allocate an engineer to install your EV charging unit.
  5. The installation will take approx. 2 to 3 hours and you will need to provide access to your electricity supply.
  6. Finally, the ChargedEV engineer will test the fitting, ensure everything is left tidy and your electric car will be ready to charge.

Frequently Asked Questions

Whilst many of the manufacturers of electric cars are trying to aim for a standard plug, some of the older vehicles on the road may use different plus.

There are “Type 1” and “Type 2” plugs, Type 1 plugs are generally found on older electric vehicles, whilst Type 2 plugs are found on newer EV cars.

If you are aiming to purchase, subscribe or lease a new electric car, we would highly recommend opting for a Type 2 charger.

The price to charge an electric vehicle will vary depending on your energy supplier or if you use the charger at home or a publich charging station.

When charging at home the cost of an average peak rate unit of electricity is 44p per kWh. There are special tariffs for off-peak electricity or special EV energy tariffs from the likes of Octopus Energy, these can cost between 7.5p to 11p per kWh.

This means for something like a Nissan Leaf with a 40kWh battery, the cost to charge during peak time would be £17.60 and during off-peak this amount could reduce to £3.

There is no longer a grant to help with the cost of the EV charger and installation as this was pulled from the Government in 2022.


For most drivers, having an EV charger at home will be the cheapest and most convenienet way of charging your Battery Electric Vehicle.

Without the EV home charger, the only other way of charging your car at your house would be via a domestic 3-pin plug, which can take a lot longer to top the battery up.

You may not need to have one at home if you have access to chargers at your workplace or if you have a public charger close by that you don’t mind paying the extra for.

By having a charger at home, it is also convenient as your car is effectively charged and ready to go with a “full tank”

Some people may feel that there is no need to have a home smart charger installed.

But these can help with charging your car in a cost effective way, by taking advantages of tariffs such as Octopus Energy’s EV car tariff to only charge your car via the cheaper rates.

Some charges can also integrate with your solar or home battery solutions, to charge your car when the units are at their most efficient.

We’d always recomment that you go for the latest chargers to try and future proof your home charging solution.

Standard Install Postcodes

Whilst ChargedEV can offer EV home chargers across the UK, there “standard install postcodes” are listed below.

B, CV, WR, HR, DY, LE, ST, WV, SY (1-10), NN, NG (1-14), WA (Except 10-11), DN, S, WF, LS, LN, HU, HD, HP, OX, SL, LU, MK, TW, UB, HA, HA, WD, RG, GU, RH, BN, KT, TN, ME, SO, PO, SP

EV Charging Solutions in Derby / Nottingham

By working with ChargedEV, you can guarantee that the prices will be the best if you are living in Derby, Nottingham, South Yorkshire or Leicestershire. Just complete the form and they will be in touch.

Octopus Energy Referral Code

Customers of Cocoon Vehicles can take advantage of our Octopus Energy Referral code. This will give both yourself and Cocoon Vehicles £50 towards your first energy bill.

Either use the link below to sign up to Octopus Energy or if you have already signed up but not switched over, log in to your account and add to your referral panel:

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