Long-Term Car Hire

Long-Term Car Hire

Our Long-Term Car Rental service allows you to hire a car from 1-month and is a cheaper alternative to leasing and contract hire. Our best prices unlock when you take the vehicle our minimum qualifying period, more information below.

Whether you’re looking for an alternative to a fixed short-term car lease or a personal car for that new job, our monthly long-term car hire options offer an ideal solution without the long-term commitment. The service is ideal for those looking for Business Rentals.

Get the best prices by taking the vehicle for the minimum qualifying period which is usually 90 days plus. This also unlocks free delivery to anywhere in England or Wales (Collection fees will apply if you don’t take another vehicle when sending your original car back.)

Find out more about long-term car hire below.

Latest Car Hire Offers

Alfa Romeo Tonale Hatchback
From £799 +VAT p/m
option/s available
Audi A1 Sportback
From £579 +VAT p/m
option/s available
Audi A3 Sportback
From £979 +VAT p/m
option/s available
Audi A4 Avant
From £749 +VAT p/m
option/s available
Audi A4 Saloon
From £649 +VAT p/m
option/s available
Audi E-Tron GT Saloon
From £1,695 +VAT p/m
option/s available
Audi Q5 Estate
From £1,145 +VAT p/m
option/s available
Audi Q8 Estate
From £1,495 +VAT p/m
option/s available
Audi RS 3 Sportback
From £1,995 +VAT p/m
option/s available
BMW 1 Series Hatchback
From £559 +VAT p/m
option/s available
BMW 3 Series Saloon
From £869 +VAT p/m
option/s available
BMW 3 Series Touring
From £949 +VAT p/m
option/s available

About Long-Term Car Rental

We have been offering long-term flexible rental cars since 2007. We have an amazing range of car and van hire options which can be delivered to your door or business.

Choose an option to suit you and/or your business from our flexible long0term rental cars. We have a fantastic range of vehicles on our fleet from small hatchbacks to large executive saloons, estate cars to SUV’s. We even offer a great range of Hybrid and Electric cars.

We are also proud to offer a great range of high-end premium and luxury vehicles on our flexible car contracts.

Frequently Asked Questions

Long-Term Car Hire is very much like traditional daily rental car rental. You hire the vehicle for a period of time and when you need to return the car, you complete a returns request form.

Long-rental can prove much more cost efficient compared with taking a traditional car hire for a longer amount of time, these are particularly useful if you are a business and need vehicles for staff.

No insurance is not included on any of the long-term car hire products.

You will be required to insure the vehicle on a fully comprehensive policy (of fleet policy) and the vehicle must be registered on the MID database.

Yes, corporate accounts are available and a credit limit is set as part of the underwriting process. Terms and Conditions apply.

Maintenance is included on a number of our long-term car hire options, if this isn’t included this can be added for a small monthly fee.

If the vehicle is in physical stock, you can get the car as quickly as 3-5 working days.

If the vehicle is showing as Pre-order, our team can give you an indication of when we would expect the vehicle.

If you would like to extend your long-term car rental, you don’t need to do anything. Our contracts allow continuation and we require just 5-working days notice to return the car.

All vehicles are paid in advance. Initial payments and any associated fee’s must be paid for before the agreement commences.

Initial payments can be made by BACS, CHAPS or major credit/debit cards including American Express (AMEX).

Subsquent payments must be made by Direct Debit, all customers receive a discount for paying their rentals via Direct Debit.

How does long-term hire compare with leasing?

What are the benefits to long-term car rental?

Hiring a car can be quite stressful, especially when using some of the multi-national brands, but we are here to make the process easy for you and/or your business , here are a few benefits to long-term car rental with Cocoon Vehicles:

No Hidden Fee's or Charges

We’re on of the few companies who advertise not only or monthy rental but all associated fees and charges that could occur during the contract, these include our ADVICE OF CHARGES and any documentation fees you may have to pay.

No maintenance costs

The majority of the vehicles available on our long-term car hire service include servicing and maintenance as standard, offering you true fixed cost motoring.

Great range of vehicles

Unlike multi-national brands who offer a group of vehicles, we offer the makes, models and derivatives. So there are not surprises when the car turns up. Where possible we will also offer a selection of colours.

No Deposit Required

For those customers who have a high credit score or credit limit, no deposit will be required. This is always subject to status and based on the terms set by the underwriters.

Excellent Customer Service

Unlike multi-national brands, our teams have one central hub where you will speak to a human. Most of the team will know you by name and can assist you with your new car order or in-contract help with things like servicing or returning your vehicle.

High Quality Vehicles

We tend to run premium brand vehicles on our long-term car rental, so don’t be surprised to see brands such as Audi, BMW, Maserati, Mercedes-Benz, Skoda, Volkswagen and Volvo.

No Financial Risk

No capital outlay, no residual value risk and no commitment, so if you need to send or swap the car, this can be done with ease and just a phone call and/or email.

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