12-Month Car Leases

1 Year Car Leases

Yes, you really can lease a car for 12-months with Cocoon Vehicles! But do you want a flexible term or a fixed-term?

Flexible 12-Month Car Leases

Agree to one of our flexible 12-month car leases and should you need to return the vehicle there are no early termination charges! All you pay is the collection charge (if required), any excess mileage you may have and you must return your vehicle according to our return standards.

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Fixed 12-Month Car Leases

If you don’t mind a bit of commitment, then our fixed 12-month car leases can work out more cost effective than our flexible option. Great choice of cars, generous mileage allowances and the customer service you’d expect from a family owned business.

£699.00 + VAT
ZS Hatchback
1.5 VTI Tech Exclusive
£599.00 + VAT
A1 Sportback
25 TFSI Technik
£995.00 + VAT
3 Series Saloon
320i M Sport [Pro Pack]

Great Value, Less Commitment

Since 2007, Cocoon Vehicles has been offering a wide range of short-term car lease solutions on a range of contracts. We’re happy to offer a great range on 12 month contracts, all with free delivery in England & Wales.

Our 1 year car leases are a great solution for individuals or businesses. No long-term commitment and a great way to change your car on a regular basis.

Why Cocoon Vehicles?

There are lots of reasons to choose Cocoon Vehicles for your 12-month car lease, but lets have a look at the benefits:

Our Cars...

Our 12-month offers...

What is the process...

Car Leases for Business...

Our 12-month car offers are not only available to consumers, we also offer these to companies and businesses of all sizes, ideal if you require shorter lenght contracts.

Our contracts are great, as they can cover the required time frame to fit around your business needs, they are also ideal as they do not fix you into a 2/3 year contract hire lease.

We supply VAT invoices automatically on a monthly rolling basis and for those vehicles that don’t automatically include maintenance, this can be added as a monthly option.

If you take 10 or more vehicles you can opt for our consolidated invoices and receive one invoice for all your car rentals. Making paperwork super easy.

Other Benefits Include...

Make the move towards a cleaner fleet...​

Go green with our help, utilising our Hybrid (HEV), Plugin-Hybrid (PHEV) and Fully Electric Vehicles (BEV) you can see how to integrate them into your business on your journey from Diesel/Petrol vehicles into cleaner zero emission cars.

Employee Probation Period Vehicles...​

Eliminate cars sitting around due to staff members not working out, utilise our short-term fleet to cover probation periods for new starters, new roles or staff incentives.

Seasonal Trends or Short-Term Projects...​

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