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Short Term Car Lease

Short Term Car Leases from Cocoon Vehicles is a great way to run a vehicle if you are in need of a short term vehicle solution or if you like to change your car on a regular basis.

We offer a wide range of fixed car leases from 5 to 12 months and we have a great range of cars available all with a low deposit option (STS) and quick delivery.

If you don’t want to be tied into a contract, we have a wide range of vehicles available on our flexible car solution. Just click the highlighted link to find out more details.

Use the filters to find your ideal vehicle or contract duration.

Audi A1 Sportback 25 TFSI S Line S Tronic Automatic

From £319.00 +VAT per month
9375 miles over 7.5 month contract

Audi A3 Sportback 40 e-tron Automatic

From £509.00 +VAT per month
18000 miles over 12 month contract

Audi A3 Sportback 40 e-tron Automatic

From £509.00 +VAT per month
13500 miles over 9 month contract

Audi A4 Avant 35 TFSI Black Edition S Tronic Automatic

From £579.00 +VAT per month
18000 miles over 12 month contract

Audi A3 Sportback 40 e-tron Automatic

From £479.00 +VAT per month
9000 miles over 6 month contract

Audi A4 Avant 40 TFSI S Line S Tronic Automatic

From £469 +VAT per month
11250 miles over 7.5 month contract

Frequently Asked Questions

Everyone can apply for a short term car lease, whether you’re an individual, sole trader, partnership, limited company or public company.

Our application process is quick and easy with our underwriters working extremely close to us and can we can get a decision within 2-4 hours so long as all of the requested documents/information has been sent over.

Credit limit and vehicles will depend on your credit strength and risk status.

Its really easy to apply for a short term car lease with Cocoon Vehicles. Our sales team can send you a proposal form to complete, or you can apply online by clicking on the highlighted link.

Before you apply, take a look on our website to see which vehicle suits you and/or your business needs.

You can enquire online really easy from the vehicle and a member of the team will come back to you quickly.

We do all of our short term car leasing applications in-house and work along side out experienced underwriters.

If you have sent all of the required information/documents in and everything is satisfactory, a credit line can be granted within 2-4 hours, but cn take up to 48 hours depending on the complexities of the application.

No, all of the cars listed on our website are the cars available and specific cars or specification cannot be requested.

We cannot guarantee colours, however, we do ask all of our customers for 3 preferred colour options and we will do our best to try and match this to your preferences.

A short term car lease is a finance solution and can be compared directly to a contract hire or lease.

Traditional contract hire durations are 24 to 48 months, which in terms or real life situations and business trends, can be a long time.

A short term car lease is the same sort of product but offered on a 6 to 12 month car lease.

Whilst occasionally a short term car lease can be a little more expensive than a traditional car lease, the flexibility and shortness of the contract can have huge benefits.

The car will require less servicing, the cars are usually brand new and have the warranty included, so should anything go wrong it can be rectified free. You can cnage your vehicle on a more regular basis.

At the end of your agreed short term car lease contract you have a few options.

You can return the car FOC back to the specified de-fleet centre and walk-away without taking another car.

For a fee, you can have the car collected and we will arrange to return it to the specified de-fleet centre.

Take out a new vehicle and we can do the swapover on the same day. We don’t charge for the collection of your old car in these instances.

Extend your car – It is not always possible to extend the length of many of our short term car leases due to the buy back conditions we have in place.  But ask the question, you never know.

We accept applications from all applicants and if you are classed as non-status then we will put you through our affordability based application.

Our experienced underwriters will look at every application on a case-by-case basis and if you meet the criteria, then they will grant a credit line.

The terms may differ from those advertised on our website and the underwriters may ask for a higher initial rental, refundable deposit or a guarantee.

Popular Contract Lengths

If you’re looking for a particular contract length, then you can use the links below to direct you to our 3, 5, 6, 9 and 12 month car leases:

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