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Increase your fleet flexibility with corporate car and van rental from Cocoon Vehicles. Saving you time, money and paperwork.

We can help with 1 car or 100 cars, a couple of vans to a full fleet. All with flexibility built-in.

Setting up an account with us opens a world of flexible and fixed short-term options for your business, we have a fantastic fleet of premium vehicles which also include hybrids and electric vehicles to help you increase or decrease your fleet with ease.

Corporate Car Hire

Long-Term Fleet Solutions

Increase and decrease your fleet with a phone call or an email. Physcial cars can be delivered nationwide within 3-5 working days. No capital cost and little commitment to get the best possible rates.

Short-Term Commercial Vehicles

Commercial Vehicle Solutions

Wide range of commercial vehicles including panel vans, crew vans and pickup trucks. Maintenance included on all flexible contracts, with 90 days commitment to get the best rates.

Rental Cars

From 1 month to 1 year, we have a great range of long-term car hire options available to help you and your business. On top of that, we promise the actual car and not a group, so you know exactly what you’re getting from the colour to the specification.

All cars can be delivered anywhere in the UK, free delivery (England & Wales Only) is included when a vehicle is taken for a minimum term. We can also do optional airport meet and greets.

Whether you need a small hatchback to a large luxury SUV, we’re sure to find a car that suits your needs.

Company Cars

Instead of committing the business to a 2, 3 or even 4 year contract, why not look at our short-term flexible and fixed contracts. Whether you need 1 or 100 vehicles, we can help create you a fleet of professional looking business cars for your team.

We offer hybrid and electric options to help with company car tax or even commercial vehicles, where required.

All of our solutions can be tailored made for your business and are ideal for probation period staff, short-term projects or to cover mobility issues in the office.

One benefit available from Cocoon Vehicles is the option to offer your employees the option of a brand new car by utilising a Salary Sacrifice scheme. This not only saves the employee Tax and National Insurance, but it will also benefit the company with reduced National Insurance and where possible pension contributions.

Plus our schemes are based on flexible car subscriptions and leases, so should the employee leave, you can send the car back without any early termination charges.

Utilisng short-term car leases and vehicle subscriptions for your Pool Car requirements is a great way to avoid ‘grey-fleet‘ rules. Plus, you can increase or decrease your pool car fleet with ease using these ideal short-term solutions.

We offer an account manager to look after your flexible fleet and can also offer consolidated invoicing when you take 10 cars or more from Cocoon Vehicles.

Many of our flexible car subscriptions require just 90 days commitment to unlock the best prices, they also come with a generous mileage allowance and maintenance is included with most of the vehicles on offer.

Film & TV production companies have been using Cocoon Vehicles to supply cars and commercial vehicles to be used in-action or to utilise in carrying members of the crew around from site-to-site. Customers include BBC, Monkey Kingdom, Channel 4 and the film studios.

Find out more about our Film & TV cars by clicking on the highlighted link.

Commercial Vehicles

We understand that every business can be different, this is why we have introduced our flexible van subscriptions and short-term van solutions to help your business be available 24-7.

We have a wide range of commercial vehicles available from 1 month to 1 year, with many available on a rolling flexible month-to-month agreement.

Our flexibility means that you are able to decrease or increase your van fleet with ease and very little commitment. Many of the commercial vehicles require just 90 days minimum rental periods to get the best rates.

Account Facilities

It is so easy to set up an account with Cocoon Vehicles, all you need to do is apply online and our experienced underwriters will be in touch to walk you through our process.

We set a monthly spend limit and any other terms that may be required, then all you need to do is choose your vehicles.

For fleets of 10 or more, we offer one monthly invoice for all of your rentals.

Find out more

For more information on our corporate vehicle options, call the team on 01332 290173 or complete the ONLINE ENQUIRY FORM below.

Latest Vehicles

Alfa Romeo Tonale Hatchback
From £799 +VAT p/m
option/s available
Audi A1 Sportback
From £579 +VAT p/m
option/s available
Audi A3 Sportback
From £979 +VAT p/m
option/s available
Audi A4 Avant
From £749 +VAT p/m
option/s available
Audi A4 Saloon
From £649 +VAT p/m
option/s available
Audi E-Tron GT Saloon
From £1,695 +VAT p/m
option/s available
Audi Q5 Estate
From £1,145 +VAT p/m
option/s available
Audi Q8 Estate
From £1,495 +VAT p/m
option/s available
BMW 1 Series Hatchback
From £559 +VAT p/m
option/s available
BMW 3 Series Saloon
From £869 +VAT p/m
option/s available
BMW 3 Series Touring
From £949 +VAT p/m
option/s available
BMW 5 Series Saloon
From £849 +VAT p/m
option/s available
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