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Whilst existing clients already know that the customer service that they receive is to a very high standard, we also understand that there are certain customers who need that extra special touch.

Whether your a Premiership Footballer, Hollywood Actor or part of a foreign government, our team will help and support you with your short-term vehicle requirements.

The Latest Cars

We know how important it is for many of our customers to be seen in the latest car, whether its an everyday car from Audi, BMW or Mercedes to something prestige or sporty like a Bentley Continental or Lamborghini Urus, we can work with you for your wants and needs.

We also understand that financing these cars can be extremely difficult for professionals in a certain profession, which is why we can work alongside you to get you a credit line in place to utilise our short-term car lease solutions.

The Benefits

Here are a few of the benefits that we include with our VIP service:

Who qualifies for our VIP service?

If you feel that yourself or your client could benefit from our VIP service, then please do get in touch, customer who are already on our VIP service include:

Case Studies

Premiership Footballer

Agents of a newly signed Premiership Footballer needed to organise a high-end prestige vehicle to be delivered in time for his arrival in the UK. Our team worked alongside the agent to get a credit line in place with the customer and arrange deliver of the car to their new football club.

Cocoon Vehicles organised for a brand new Bentley Bentayga to be delivered for the player along with a Porsche Macan for his girlfriend. All based on a flexible car lease arrangement.

Hollywood Actress

A husband of a well known hollywood actress who has worked alongside Elizabeth Hurley, Brendan Fraser and James Nesbitt required a small hatchback for commuting to filming in and around London.

We supplied a Mini Cooper on a flexible car subscription, which was easily terminated when the time came to fly across to the USA.

Famous Cricketer

Our team was tasked with supplying vehicles that would form part of a convoy to help with the protection of a famous foreign cricket player based in the Old Bond Street area of London.

His head of security chose a mixture of BMW X5’s and Range Rovers to escort the main bullet-proofed vehicle on a contract of no less than 12 months.

Foreign Military Head

We were asked by a UK based embassasy to supply their head of military a vehicle for the duration of his stay in the United Kingdom. Working alongside top-level staff, Cocoon put a credit line in place.

We supplied the customer with a high-end SUV which he used to travel around London for his meetings and for leisure purposes at the weekend.

Foreign Diplomat

We worked directly with a top-level diplomat who was to be based at their embassasy in London on a long-term basis. We supplied the customer with a Mercedes GLC Estate along with a registration to the congestion charge.

The customer is able to send the vehicle back by completing an online returns request form avoiding the usual long-term commitments of a car lease.

Professional Footballer

We worked alongside a professional footballer who wanted to drive the latest high-end cars without the option to purchase or commit to a long-term car lease.

We communicated directly with the footballer and the agent, to discuss requirements. Overall, due to the amount of times the footballer has changed his car, we have saved thousands in loss of value with the customer stating “I love the fact that Cocoon Vehicles lets me change my vehicle everytime something else catches my eye, I’ve had Lamborghini’s, G-Wagens and Bentley’s so far and all I pay is my monthly rental.”

More Information

If you would like any futher information on our VIP service or our short-term car lease solutions, please call the team on 01332 290173 or complete the ONLINE ENQUIRY FORM below.

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