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We understand that managing a fleet of cars and commercial vehicles can be challenging, so we’re here to help you with a range of short-term flexible and fixed solutions whether you need 1 car or 100 cars for 1-month or 3-years. We have a range of solutions to help you and your business.

Flexible Fleet Expansion

With traditional vehicle fleets, contract hire and purchasing was one of the main tools to build up multiple vehicles. With those options came a long-term commitment. With businesses changing so fast nowadays, the ability to expand or reduce your fleet is ever more important so isn’t it time you took better control of your vehicle fleets?

How about a service that brings you all of the benefits of traditional car and van leasing, but without the long-term commitments? This is where our services come in, see how we can help with the range of services below:

Business Car Subscriptions

Our flexible car subscription service is designed to combine the benefits of daily rental and vehicle leasing without the excessive costs or the long-term commitment of a traditional car lease or vehicle purchase.

We offer a range of premium cars that can be taken for 1-month plus which can be run until you no longer need it or you are happy to commit to something longer term. We know that each business has different requirements and we work with your business contracts to understand what you need and how we can help.

Business Car Subscriptions are an ideal way to expand or reduce your fleet with ease, whether you need to cover a member of staff for a probation period or you have a short-term project that you need andditional vehicles for.

Benefits Include:

Business Short-Term Car Leases

Sometimes businesses don’t mind some commitment which is why our short-term car leases can prove a cost-effective solution for many companies. With contracts ranging from 6-months to 12-months and a great choice of vehicles from some of the best car brands available in the UK.

Whilst these contracts cannot be extended or reduced in length, they provide a shorter-term commitment than a traditional car lease, but retaining all of the benefits. These cars are either brand new or pre-registered and can be delivered to your workplace or directly to your employees.

Short-Term Car Leases are also ideal for new start-up businesses and those with overseas parent companies who cannot obtain credit lines for traditional leasing via the usual methods. It also allows you to adopt and test vehicles such as EV’s and Plug-in Hybrids before you fully commit to a purchase or a long-term car lease.

Benefits Include:

Flexible Vehicle Contracts

Otherwise known as flexible car leasing, flexi-rent, flexi-lease but we literally call it “Flexible Car Contracts” – These are similar to our car subscriptions but with more choice of vehicles available and more widely adopted by companies as a viable way to run a flexible fleet of vehicles.

Vehicles can be taken for 1-month plus, unlock discounts when you take the vehicles for our minimum qualifying period (usually 90 days plus) and this also gives you free delivery in England & Wales.

Fantastic choice of vehicles that can be delivered very quickly when in physical stock and a credit line is in place. We also offer a make/model/derivative instead of a group so you and your employees know exactly what car will turn up with no nasty surprises.

Benefits Include:

Business Contract Hire & Leasing

If you don’t mind the commitment of a 2/3/4 year car or van lease, then we can also help you find the best deals in the marketplace. Whilst to consumers we offer a FIND A CAR LEASE service, to our business customers the service is more personal.

You provide us with a list of vehicle requirements or the make/model and we will scour the market to find you the best car lease deals for your business.

We use no less than 12 different funders as well as manufacturer-backed funders such as Alphabet, Alphera, Novuna, MBFS and VWFS to help you save time and money. Long lead times? Not an issue, we can provide a flexible car lease up to the point of delivery, so you or your employees never have to go without wheels.

Benefits of using Cocoon Vehicles

Established in 2007 and operating from our offices in Derby, we have been helping business and personal customers with their vehicle requirements for years. We’re family-owned which means you get a personal but professional service from day one, along with honest and upfront advice.

Whilst we specialise in short-term solutions such as subscriptions and short-term car leases, we can actually help you with traditional car leasing or vehicle sourcing from 1 vehicle to multiple vehicles.

We can also streamline your service by offering consolidated invoicing for those operating 10 plus vehicles as well as ticket management for those companies who receive multiple parking tickets or speeding infringements.

We can offer bulk rental vehicles with a discount for those companies that want to expand a sales team quick without committing to a long-term contracts and deliver all in one go.

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