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How would you fancy the benefits of a car lease but without the long-term commitment?

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Car Subscriptions

Latest Subscription Offers

£4500.00 inc. VAT*
911 Targa
4 S
£3594.00 inc. VAT*
Panamera Sport Turismo
2.9 V6 4 PDK
£2634.00 inc. VAT*
M4 Coupe
M4 xDrive Competition M [Ultimate]
£3114.00 inc. VAT*
Cayenne Coupe
E-Hybrid Tiptronic S
£5994.00 inc. VAT*
Aston Martin
DBX Estate
V8 550 Touchtronic [IP]
£7194.00 inc. VAT*
Aston Martin
DBX Estate
V8 550 Touchtronic

Flexibility Built-in

If you’ve not heard yet, Car Subscriptions are the next big thing when it comes to car rental and leasing schemes, yet Cocoon Vehicles has been offering flexible car leases since 2007.

If you’re already familiar with leasing, or maybe you’ve always owned your vehicle and are looking for a new flexible style of motoring, then a Car Subscription could be for you.

Just insure, fuel and go...

This service is a fantastic way of flexible motoring which includes all of the motoring essentials including:

From 90 Days Commitment to get the best price...

To unlock our best prices, you just need to take the vehicle for the minimum agreed term which starts at 90 days for most vehicles. To off hire, we just require a simple return vehicle request form completing and at least 5 working days notice.

Benefits Include

Available Vehicle Types:

What is a Car Subscription?

A Car Subscription is a little bit different to your traditional car leases.

A car lease is usually for a term of between 24 to 48 months and this is a fixed period, so you cannot send the car or swap without paying hefty termination fees.

A car subscription is usually shorter with ours starting from 1 month, but unlocking our best prices when you commit to a minimum qualifying term which is 90 days on most vehicles.

Car Subscriptions are great as if you need to change your car or send it back, the agreement gives you the flexibility to hand it back without paying those termination fees.

The agreements are also excellent for those to experiment with different car types, such as pure electric vehicles or hybrid cars. You can evaluate them without committing yourself.

You may also like to be one of those customers who likes to swap their vehicle on a regular basis. Maybe so you can drive something sporty in the summer and an SUV in the winter, or you like to change your plate every 6 months.

On top of this, you get lots of added benefits including maintenance and servicing, warranty, breakdown assistance and road fund licence for the duration of your contract.

Easy Steps to Subscribe

Choose Your Car

Choose the car that suits your needs, to long-term commitment to get the best price, just keep the car for the minimum qualifying period.

Motoring Essentials Included

One monthly payment covers your rental, maintenance, servicing, manufacturers warranty, breakdown assistance and RFL..

Just Insure and Fuel

Just insure the car on a fully comprehensive policy and add petrol, diesel or electricity. We require just 5 working days to return the car.

Flexibility Built In

Upgrade, Downgrade or return the car with ease. And you only pay for the time in the car. Freedom to switch vehicles with just a phone call/email.

Fantastic Vehicles

We run a fantastic range of cars from Audi, BMW, Fiat, Kia, Land Rover, Jaguar, Mazda, Mercedes-Benz, Nissan, Porsche, SEAT, VW and Volvo

Low Initial Outlay

No large initial rentals on our car subscriptions and refundable deposits are subject to status. Just 1st months rental and documentation fee.

Free Delivery*

Free delivery to your door in England & Wales when the vehicle is taken for the minimum qualifying period. Collection is chargeable, price available on request.

1 Monthly Payment

1 monthly payment covers all of the motoring essentials including servicing, maintenance, warranty, breakdown assistance & RFL.

Stop Gap

Car Subscriptions are ideal for a stop-gap, from new start employees to plugging a gap until that shiny new car is delivered. Flexibility really is built-in.

Boredom Factor

Vehicle Subscriptions are ideal for those who like to change their cars on a more regular basis. Something sporty in the Summer, SUV for winter.

Business Use

We accept Sole Traders, Partnerships, Limited Companies and Public Companies. VAT invoice provided every month and fleet policies accepted.

Go Electric

Are you in the market to try a Hybrid or Electric Vehicle? If so a car subscription is a fantastic way to evaluate an EV in your day-to-day commute or how it will integrate into your current company fleet.

Take vehicles from as little as 1 month (Best prices from 90 days plus) with the benefit of a generous mileage allowance, maintenance included, warranty, road fund licence, breakdown assistance and help and advice when it comes to charging points and infrastructure.

We will help you work out your BEVs to your PHEV’s and discuss with you the best options to suit your current lifestyle.

We can work alongside your existing employees to discuss the best vehicles for their personal circumstances and even assist with company car tax details.

Green Tesla Model Y driving down country road with wind turbines on the hillside behind
Benefits to Electric Car Subscriptions

Frequently Asked Questions

You probably already subscribe to Spotify, Netflix or Apple Music. But it is also possible to subscribe to a car.

Car Subscriptions are a flexible way of running a car without the long-term commitment of a car lease.

Another huge benefit is that one monthly payment covers all of the motoring essentials including the rental, mainentance & servicing, manufacturers warranty, road tax and breakdown assistance. All you need to provide is fully comprehensive insurance and fuel/electric.

No, a vehicle subscription is different to a car lease. Car leases tend to span a period of between 24 and 48 months, you are fixed into that contract for the length stated on your contract and an early termination charge will apply if you try and end the agreement earlier.

A car subscription from Cocoon Vehicles notice to return the vehicle.

A car subscription can work out cheaper than a car lease if you need the flexibility to swap or change your car on a more regular basis.

Car leases do not come with maintenance as standard, so depending on your mileage requirements, a vehicle subscription might work out to be more cost effective.

The initial payments are usuallt much lower for a car subscription, with 1 month plus a documentation fee payable. Whereas a car subscriptio might as for the equivilent of 3, 6 or 9 payments upfront.

The best thing to do is work out the car lease costs over 24 months including your initial rental and the same car subscription over the same period.

Car subscriptions start from a very reasonable amount of money per month, our latest offers can be found by using the links on this page or by scrolling further up the page.

If you are in need of a flexible car leasing soultion, a vehicle subscription is the ideal contract.

We have car subscriptions for most budgets, with vehicles from Supemini’s to large luxury SUV’s. We also offer a range of Electric and Hybrid vehicles.

All customers are welcome to apply for one of our car subscription contracts, elgibility will depend on your personal circumstances.

We have experienced underwriters who will look at Non-Status customers including New Start-up Businesses, Expats and those who do not meet the standard credit criteria of a traditiona lease.

All customers will have a credit check carried out and verification will be required for FCA and anti-money laundering requirements. We will also ask for ID and documents which usually consist of a valid driving licence (in your current address) and a utility bill dated within the last 3 months.

Yes, we do currently charge for collection of your vehicle once you have submitted your return vehicle request.

You are able to return your vehicle free of charge to the specified de-fleet centre, we will need to book you an appointment to arrange this.

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If you’d prefer to call us, please contact us on 01332 290173 or you can also email us at:

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