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Car Leasing for Expats coming to the UK can be extremely difficult and frustrating. Especially if you are a returning resident and have created a gap in your UK credit history.

The great news is that Cocoon Vehicles helps Expats and Overseas visitors to the United Kingdom, every day!

Utilising our short-term car and car subscription fleet, we can supply you with a set of wheels until your UK credit history has had time to build up, once that has been achieved we can then also help you transition into a long-term lease, vehicle purchase or even the purchase the vehicle your driving.

Moving to the UK?

If you are an overseas visitor and you are coming to the UK, whether it be a new job, retirement, education or family reasons. We can also help with customers who spend 6 months on the UK and 6 months abroad.

You may find it difficult to get financial support in the same way that your bank or financial institution in your home country offers, so by providing help with Expat Car Leases, we can take one of the important factors off your mind.

We can also put you in touch with reputable and professional relocation experts in the UK.

Moving back to the UK?

If you were previously a resident in the UK and now coming back for work, family or personal reasons, then you may find obtaining finance like before hard work. This is because you may have created a gap in your UK credit history, something that financial institutions don’t like to see on your credit file.

We use our car subscription fleet and short-term car lease vehicles to help you get mobile until such time that your credit in the UK is satisfactory.

Coming to Work in the UK?

Your employer may have provided you with the opportunity to work in the UK, but you may have a few hurdles to face as an Expat or an overseas worker. With our short-term car lease and subscription programs, we can take some of these issues off you.

We help overseas workers in the UK on a regular basis, this includes employees/secondments for some of the largest companies in the UK including Rolls-Royce, British Airways, Airbus and Samsung. Usually, employees who work in other countries and have been placed in the UK for 6 or 12 months.

Already in the UK, but need a car?

If you have recently moved to the UK or you have moved back from the UK after working overseas, you may find that trying to lease or finance a car can be hard work. With our expat car leasing service we can utilise our short-term car leases and car subscriptions to get you mobile again.

We have multiple customers who have worked overseas in places like Dubai, Australia, India and USA who have relocated back to the UK for personal or work reasons but due to a break in UK credit and address history, cannot qualify for finance.

Our experienced team and underwriters will work with you to get you a credit line in place and offer you a selection of our short-term vehicles.

What Cars Can I lease an an Expat?

Depending on your circumstances, our short-term car lease program will suit you. We can run contracts for up to 12 months on our flexible subscription program and we also offer 6 to 12-month short-term fixed contracts, these cannot be extended or reduced without a penalty.

Our experienced underwriters will look at each and every application on its own merit, verifying employment, checking credit history in your home country and residency in the United Kingdom. Our underwriters like to see stability and affordability.

If it is a new job that brings you to the United Kingdom, we can liaise with your employees to verify your employment, if it’s a long vacation or holiday we will require to see financial backing. If you are over in the UK for business, we may need to credit check either yourself in your home country or the abroad-based business.

If you don’t have that UK bank account set up just yet, it’s not an issue. We can accept Direct Debit payments from over 22 eurozone countries including Sweden. If you are from the USA or Canada, we can take payment by Visa, Mastercard and even American Express for your initial rental and then Direct Debit thereafter.

Has Cocoon Vehicles had experience with Expats?

We certainly have! From military figures, to Hollywood Stars, to Footballers, to CEO’s. All of which have had similar issues with getting a car lease in the UK as an expat.

The majority of our Expat client base are foreign professionals, well educated and earn a substantial amount of money, yet still do not meet the required criteria set out by many of the car lease funders.

Our underwriters can assist! Where required, they can carry out credit checks in your home country, carry out affordability and asset checks, speak to your employees and do the required checks so that you can get into a car.

Please see below a number of vehicles that may be available to you as an Expat. Our terms may change depending on your personal circumstances. 65% of the applicants will be required to pay a refundable deposit. A higher documentation fee is also payable on Expat Contracts.

Our specialist team can help you with any of the details before you commit to any car.

Examples of Expat Cars

Please see below a number of vehicles that may be available to you as an Expat. Our terms may change depending on your personal circumstances. 90% of the applicants will be required to pay a refundable deposit. A higher documentation fee is also payable on Expat Contracts.

Our specialist team can help you with any of the details before you commit to any car.

Flexible Cars
£649.00 + VAT*
Qashqai Hatchback
1.3 DIG-T MH Acenta Premium Xtronic [Glass Roof]
Flexible Cars
£869.00 + VAT*
3 Series Saloon
330e Sport
Flexible Cars
£859.00 + VAT*
3 Series Saloon
330e M Sport
Flexible Cars
£899.00 + VAT*
iX1 Estate
230kW eDrive30 M Sport 65kWh

More Information

If you would like anymore information on any of our Expat Car Programs, please contact the team on 01332 290173 or use the ENQUIRY FORM below.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, as a foreigner you can lease a car from Cocoon Vehicles using our short-term car leases and flexible car subscription solutions.

You can arrange a car before you come to the UK or when you arrive. A great choice of vehicles is available.

Yes, as an an Expat you are welcome to apply for an Expat Car Lease as we utilise the short-term car lease and flexible car subscription programs to suit your requirements.

You can do this whilst you are in your home country or when you are settled in the UK.

We do have an application process that is provided below.

It is really easy to apply for an Expat Car Lease with Cocoon Vehicles and the majoroty of this can be done online.

Complete as much information as you can using the online application form, and make sure you put in the notes that you are an Expat.

Our experienced underwriters will come back to you and ask you o send in relevant supporting documents.

The information you will need to provide, will depend on your personal circumstances.

This may include, but not limited to:

  • Passport
  • Driving Licence
  • Proof of Residency
  • Proof of Employment
  • Proof of Funds

Yes, the majority of our applicants will be required to pay a refundable deposit.

This will be held on account until the vehicle has been returned.

We will deduct any amounts for excess mileage, damages, etc from this amount.

The monthly price of our car will never change, but as an Expat customer we do charge a higher documentation fee, this is a minimum of £295.00 + VAT.

Our underwriters may also ask for a security deposit which is refundable when you no longer have any vehicles with Cocoon Vehicles, we may deduct any damage, excess mileage and/or any outstanding rental or charges from this deposit.

If you are already in the UK, then our team can assist you with getting a car via our short-term solutions. Long-term car leases may not be available due to little or no UK credit history.

Our team have experience and have dealt with hundreds of Expats including VIP customers such as footballers and Hollywood actors, so you will be in safe hands.

British Airways Boeing 747 at Heathrow

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