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Flexible Car Contracts are an ideal way to run a car month-to-month whilst making huge cost savings when compared to using a daily rental company over the same time frame.

Some companies may also call these Flexilease, Long Term Car Hire or even Flexible Car Leases. But to us, they are just Flexible Car Contracts and are available from Cocoon Vehicles. All of the vehicles are available from 28 days onwards, most of the vehicles require at least a 90-day commitment to get the advertised rate.

Most of our vehicles can be kept up to 12 months without the need for those awkward swaps and insurance admin nightmares.

On top of this, we provide the car advertised! Not a group, not an equivalent, just the vehicle you were expecting.

We have over 110 Flexible Car Contracts available, with many of our vehicles available from physical stock.

If you are looking for a wider choice and you don’t mind fixing into a contract, have a look at our Short-Term Car Lease options.

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Frequently Asked Questions

It’s very easy to apply for a flexible car contract with Cocoon Vehicles. 

You can enquire about the vehicle from the offer page or you can APPLY ONLINE using the highlighted link.

Before you apply, have a look on our website, use the filters and find the vehicle that suits you and/or your business needs.

We do all of our applications in-house and work alongside experienced underwriters.

If you have sent or uploaded all of the required documentation and/or information, with everything satisfactory and in order, a credit line can be granted in 2-4 hours, but this can take up to 48 hours depending on the complexities of the application and how busy our underwriting team are.

No, all of the cars listed on our website are the cars available and specific cars or specification cannot be requested.

We cannot guarantee colours, however, we do ask all of our customers for 3 preferred colour options and we will do our best to try and match this to your preferences.

A flexible car contract is more like a long term car hire or a long term car rental, it is effectively an agreement to take a vehicle for a minimum amount of time, which is extended until you give us notice to return the vehicle.

Many new companies also call flexible car contracts; Car Subscriptions, flexible car leases or flexileases. These are effectively the same sort of program, just worded differently.

You run the vehicle up until the day you need to terminate. To return the car, just complete the RETURNS FORM and give us at least 5 working days notice to return the car.

There are lots of benefits to a flexible car contract, but if you don’t mind fixing into a 6-12 month contract, we offer SHORT TERM CAR LEASES.

When you arrange to return your vehicle, you have a few options;

If you take out a new vehicle and have this delivered the same day, collection of your old car is free of charge and can be done at your home or work premises.

You can return the car back to our specified de-fleet centre free of charge, however, a returns form. Once received we will allocate a date/time slot to return your car. Please allow at least 45 minutes for a walkaround overview of your vehicle.

If you require the car to be collected, we will provide a price based on your collection postcode to the specified de-fleet centre. Please allow at least 45 minutes for a walkaround inspection.

Everyone is welcome to apply for a flexible car contract with Cocoon Vehicles.

You can apply if you are an individual, sole trader, partnership, limited company or public company.

Our application process is quick and easy, with our underwriters working close to our sales team so we can get a decision within 2-4 hours, so long as all of the requested documents and information have been sent over.

Credit limit and vehicles will depend on your credit strength and risk status.

For those who do not meet the standard criteria, a higher documentation fee of £295.00 + VAT, this is subject to status.

We accept applications from all applicants and if you are classed as non-status then we will put you through our affordability based application.

Our experienced underwriters will look at every application on a case-by-case basis and if you meet the criteria, then they will grant a credit line.

The terms may differ from those advertised on our website and the underwriters may ask for a higher initial rental, refundable deposit or a guarantee.

* - Based on minimum qualifying period.

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