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A little more about subscriptions...

Car Subscriptions offer a flexible way to run a car, month-to-month. One payment covers all of the motoring essentials so all you need to do is insure the car and add fuel or electricity.

Unlike other car subscription companies, the programmes offered by Cocoon Vehicles require just a 90 day minimum commitment to get the best price and you can keep the vehicle for up to 12 months without the awkward swaps.

Our vehicles are generally brand new or nearly new and can be delivered free of charge in England and Wales (when taken for 90 days plus). 

We require just 5 working days notice to terminate the subscription and you only pay for the time in the vehicle. Collection is free of charge if replacing with another Cocoon Vehicles vehicle the sameday, you can also return the vehicle to the specified de-fleet centre for free or for a nominal charge, we can arrange to collect your vehicle from your home or work premises.

We have over 65 Car Subscription Offers subscription vehicles available, with many of our vehicles sat in physical stock. If you would like to read about this type of service in more detail, please use the following link: Car Subscriptions Explained

If you are looking for a wider choice and you don’t mind fixing into a contract, have a look at our Short-Term Car Lease options.

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Frequently Asked Questions

A car subscription is very much like a traditional car lease, except a car subscription runs month-to-month with only 90/180 days commitment required to get the best price, unlike other car subscription companies.

A car subscription will run month-to-month until notice by the hirer to terminate is received and you only pay for the time in the vehicle.

One payment is required that covers the rental, routine maintenance, road fund licence, manufacturers warranty and roadside assistance. All you are required to provide is fully comprehensive insurance and fuel/electric.


Yes, all of our car subscriptions are available in England, Wales and Scotland with a wide variety of vehicles (including commercial vehicles).

We also help Expat’s and New Start Businesses get easy access to a car leasing solution using our car subscription service.

Yes, delivery is included in England and Wales (Scotland additional charges apply) when you take the car subscription for 90 days or more. You can return the car before the minimum period but you may have to pay a surcharge on the rentals and also the delivery fee.

You are also welcome to collect your vehicle from the specified fleet centre or dealership.

You can change your car as little as 90 days, depending on your current deal. Some customers do actually change their cars every 3/6 months.

Please be aware that the mileage is pro-rated and is applicable to the current vehicle/contract and cannot be pooled with any future vehicle.

Our car subscription offers come with a generous mileage allowance with the minimum usually being 833 miles per month and we can cater for mileages up to 6,000 miles.

Whilst we are unable to quote for lower than advertised mileages, please contact the team should you wish to be quoted for a different mileage allowance.

Yes, maintenance is included with all of the car subscription services offered. This covers routine services and excludes anything that may be covered by the manufacturers warranty.

Tyres are included except those cars deemed as Performance or Sports Cars.

Please Note. Maintenance does not cover accidental damage such as curbed alloys, dints, scratches, etc. It also does not cover punctures or damaged tyre walls.

The cost of a car subscription depends on the make/model/derivative that you decide on. However, we offer competitive rates compared with other car subscription companies and a generous mileage allowance.

We also offer our best rates based on 90/180 days, whereas other companies require you to commit to 12 / 18 / 24 months.

Please do keep an eye on the prices of our car subscriptions as our stock changes on a regular basis and costs can change without any notice.

No, punctures are not covered by the maintenance agreement as this is classed as accidental damage.

If you require a replacement tyre, please ensure a like-for-like tyre is fitted to avoid any charges at the end of the contract.

In terms of ‘pausing” – you are able to return your vehicle with just 5 working days notice. However, it is not possible to pause a vehicle and then take the same vehicle at a later date.

You can return the car by completing the RETURNS REQUEST form and giving at least 5 working days notice.

We can collect your car for free of charge (in England & Wales) if you are taking delivery of another Cocoon Vehicles vehicle the same day.

If you are returning your car with no replacement, you can return the vehicle back to the specified de-fleet centre. You will need to complete a RETURNS REQUEST form and give at least 5 working days notice. We will then provide you with an appointment to return the car.

If you would prefer us to collect your vehicle, we can do this for an optional fee. The cost is calculated based on the collection point, back to the specified de-fleet centre at a rate of £1.25 + VAT per mile.

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