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Who wants to play a round of VW Golf

Volkswagen Golf Mk.8

The new Mk.8 Volkswagen Golf is finally here and we’re pleased to announce that we’ve got them coming this September and October on our short-term car lease fleet.

What’s new?

Volkswagen have really gone to town on the new Mk.8 Golf, giving it a fantastic facelift, yet still ensuring it has the same distinctive looks of what we’re use to. On top of this they have pushed the technology side with lots of new features as standard.

Car-to-X Technology

Yes, even we had to Google what Car-to-X technology was in the Cocoon Vehicles office. Its effectively an on-board system that will eventualy allow the vehicle to communicate with the road infrastructure and other vehicles around it.

Imagine a “Network” of cars, all being able to tell each other what it plans to do, where its heading and how close they are together, this is all done in milliseconds to help prevent accidents.

The Car2X system should really help in providing drivers and the vehicle itself the information require dto prevent accidents and improve road awareness.

New Design

The Golf has been given a new design, the looks of a Golf remain, but the bumpers have been given some filler and a much cleaner design is noticeable. Narrow LED headlights and a new front grille ensures you notice the difference between the Mk.7.1 and the Mk.8.

On-board Technology

Driver assistance should be at the top of the list and its understood that the adaptive cruise control will be standard on most models starting with the Life derivative.

VW have also introduced the e-TSI engine that brings in Mild Hybrid technology and a small lithium-ion battery to help with coasting and low speeds. This in-turn reduces emissions and fuel economy.

The Innovision Cockpit takes all of the infotainment options and settings and displays them on a 10-inch screen, Apple CarPlay and Android Auto can also be integrated into the system by plugging your device into the USB port.

VW Golf Short-Term Car Lease

As we wrote in our recent blog post (New 70 Plate Cars) – The Mk.8 Volkswagen Golf is hitting our Short-Term Car Lease fleet in September/October 2020.

Here is what we’ll be receiving initially:

VW Golf – Life

VW Golf Life Mk.8

The VW Golf Life comes with 16″ Norfolk Alloy Wheels, Interior Ambient Lighting with 10 different colours, adaptive cruise control, Light and Sound Pack and the Car2X technology.

VW Golf – Style

VW Golf Style Mk.8

The VW Golf Style comes with 17″ Belmont Alloy Wheels, Climatronic Air Conditioning, Ambient Lighting with 30 colours, front and rear carpet mats, LED “Plus” Headlamps and brushed dark metal decorative inserts.

VW Golf – R-Line

VW Golf R Line Mk.8

The VW Golf R-Line comes with 17″ Alloy Wheels, the R-Line body coloured bumpers, front sports seats, driver profile selection and tinted glass (65%) to the rear windows.

More Information

If you would like more information on our short-term VW Golf offers or any other vehicle, please contact the team on 01332 290173. You can also complete the online form below.

If you’re looking for a long-term lease on a VW Golf, try out our Find a Car Lease service, where we do the hard work of lease shopping for you.

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