Hands-Free Driving could be on UK roads by Spring 2021

Hands-Free Driving could be on UK roads by Spring 2021

Hands-Free Driving for the UK

The Department for Transport has requested evidence into the automated land keeping systems (ALKS) on vehicles with the SMMT claiming that by utilising the technology, it could cut accidents.

If given the go ahead, the technology could be used on motorways at speeds of up to 70mph, with many cars now including the systems within their vehicles, a software update would enable the full functionaility of the device.

The UK government wants to hear from the motor industry to decide how safe this technology is and how to safely enable and implement the systems. The consultation will close on the 27th October 2020.

Transport minister Rachel Maclean said “Automated technology could make driving safer, smoother and easier for motorists and the UK should be the first country to see these benefits, attracting manufacturers to develop and test new technologies.”

Mike Hawes, Chief Executive of the SMMT said “automated technologies would be “life-changing” and could prevent 47,000 serious accidents in the next 10 years.

Tesla Autopilot / Full Self Driving

Whilst many manufacturers have included a relatively basic system of lanke keeping and accident preventing technology, many of the new Tesla‘s include both the Autopilot System and Full Self Driving Capabilities.

However, due to EU laws, many of these systems have been software locked or restricted. Tests in America have proven that the technology works on these Tesla models, however, the drivers still need to ensure their full attention is on the road.

Whats your opinion?

Do you feel that this move by the UK government is the right one? Have you driven a vehicle with self driving capabilities? Do you feel that this would reduce accidents on UK roads?

We’d love to hear your opinion on this, please complete the form below to submit your feedback.

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