My vehicle requires a service, what do I need to do?

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Before you book yourself in for a service, we would recommend seeing if the vehicle includes maintenance or not. Even if you are nearing the end of a fixed contract, it is important that you get your vehicle serviced in line with the manufacturer’s guidelines and the return standards as set out in the contracts.

Maintenance Included

If you have maintenance included with your contract, please book your vehicle into the most convenient manufacturer’s service centre (eg. BMW, book in at the BMW Dealership). You must then contact our office on 01332 290173 to obtain information on how to gain authority.

More information on this will be found in your handbook and your contract. Failure to do so, could result in you paying for the service.

Make sure you keep all of the paperwork handy and with the vehicle upon its return.

Maintenance Not-included

If you do not have maintenance included, you must book your vehicle into your nearest manufacturer’s service centre. Ensure you meet the manufacturer’s guidelines and servicing requirements as set out in the return conditions.

Please ensure you keep all of the paperwork with the vehicle.

Don’t send the car back with a service due light on

It is really important that you do not send the vehicle back with the service light due illuminated, doing so could result in additional charges, which we want you to avoid.

Courtesy Cars

Courtesy cars are not guaranteed and it is down to the dealership to confirm applicable costs and availability.

Run-in Services

Some of our performance and prestige vehicles may require run-in services, please ensure that you are aware of these and make sure that they are adhered to. Missing services will result in costs and loss of value charges.

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