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What is the ‘New Car Smell’?


It’s long been debated as to what exactly makes up that ‘new car smell’, but with over 100 different materials in a new car, the truth is, there isn’t any one item that gives off that distinctive fragrance.

The new car smell is the result of hours and hours of researchers’ time, painstakingly sniffing every material that you’d find inside a new car.

Manufacturers are only too aware of what sells a car and any bad odour could quickly be a company’s downfall, hence the hours of research that goes into getting that scent just right.

The materials used to make a car vary widely depending on whether fabric, leather or wood is used. The different types of adhesives can make a big difference too.

The new car smell isn’t designed, what actually happens is that each material is tested to ensure that the fragrance that is emitted isn’t off-putting. To test this, each material is heated up to specific temperatures in mason jars and then sniff tested. If the result isn’t what is required then a manufacturer will find a replacement until the required smell is achieved.

Unfortunately, there’s no way that a complete car interior can be smelled until it’s actually put into production, therefore problems can still occur very late into the manufacturing process. Then it’s back to the drawing board.

So next time you step into a new car, you’ll be able to appreciate the man hours that have gone into providing you with the scent of a brand new vehicle.

If you’re looking for that new call smell sensation, then Cocoon Vehicles may be able to help. Whether you’re looking for a fixed or flexible short-term lease or maybe something a little more long term, simply complete the form below and we will be in touch shortly.

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