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Big Sur; The Ultimate Drive

There are many routes considered to be the ultimate drive; Route 66, Run 40, the White Rim Trail, the list goes on… but the Big Sur isn’t just about the drive. You don’t get going for long before you’re pulling over at the side of the road, getting out, camera in hand, snapping away at the scenery but if you don’t mind the breaks in your drive then the Big Sur could well be for you!


Parts of California’s Highway 1 offers coastal views and stunning scenery hence the reason it’s so famous. The drive isn’t a strenuous one, more one to be savoured, enjoyed and not to be rushed. Part’s of the drive can be quite tricky with some winding roads and risk of falling rocks but don’t let that put you off.


The northern gateway is the Monterey Peninsula and if you wanted to do the drive in one go you’d be able to cover the 85 miles in a few hours. There are certainly some points worth stopping at along the way, here are our top 5!


  1. 1. McWay Falls – located in Julia Pfeiffer Burns State Park, this 80-foot waterfall is quite special in the fact that it’s one of a few that empty into the ocean.

Big Sur The Ultimate Drive

  1. 2. Pfeiffer Beach, you’ll surely recognise this scenery from photos you’ve seen and is famous for its unusual, yet colourful purple sand.

Bixby Bay Bridge

  1. 3. Bixby Creek Bridge is one of the most photographed attractions in California and has been featured in adverts, movies, and TV shows.

Elephant Seals Big Sur

4. Elephant Seals at Point Piedras Blanca Elephant Seal Vista Point – these amazing creatures shouldn’t be missed!


Hearst Castle

  1. 5. Hearst Castle isn’t directly on the coastal road but you can access it from Highway 1. Hearst Castle is National Historic Landmark and the grounds are a beautiful state park, well worth a visit.


At the southern gateway to Big Sur, the little beach town of Cayucos may be a short drive from the action, but there’s something so breezy and pleasant about this seaside village. Morro Bay is a couple more minutes to the south and possesses its own kind of charm. Look out for ‘The Rock’ when you get there, you can’t miss it!


If the idea of a costal drive has got you excited, then you’ll be wanting a great drive to do it in! If you’re looking for a short-term lease or maybe something for a little longer then why not take a look at our latest deals or give us a call on 01332 290173



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