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One month car lease enquiries on the up

With the recent relaxation of the Covid-19 rules announced by Prime Minister Boris Johnson, more and more people are looking at ways of avoiding public transport.

Over the last two weeks, we have seen an increase in customers wanting to take a car for 1-2 months to get themselves to their workplace but hiring a car for that period can work out quite expensive.

Thats where our car subscription or long term car hire options come in and can provide you with a car for a month or two at a great price.

What is a Car Subscription?

Imagine a Car Subscription to be the same as your Netflix subscription, you choose a car and a mileage allowance and then collect the car, you take the vehicle for a minimum of 1 month and it rolls on until you decide you no longer need it.

You then have the option to pause, upgrade or downgrade your car with little or no hassle at all. The vital elements of car ownership are taken care of, the car sunscription service includes maintenance, road fund licence, roadside assistance and VAT where applicable. All you need to do is provide a fully comprehensive insurance policy or fleet policy and fuel the car.

What is Long Term Car Hire?

Very similar to a car subscription with the ability to access the best rates for a vehicle and a generous mileage allowance, whilst allowing you flexibility to change your car or hand the car back.

We also call this Flexi-rent and Flexi-lease, but really its a car hire or rental that is over a longer period of time. The main benefit is that it works out much cheaper than using a traditional car hire firm over the same length of time.

Can I lease a car for one month?

Effectivey, yes you can. This is what we specialise in, car leases over a shorter term, we just call it something different such as a Car Subscription or a Long Term Car Rental, but its the same thing.

Most of our cars are new or nearly new and we can turn things around pretty quick. If the car is in stock and you have a credit line in place, we can usually delivery within 2-3 working days.

More information on taking a car lease for a month

If you need any further information on our range of short term car leases, long term car hire or our car subscription service, you can click on the highlighted links or give the team a call on 01332 290173.

You can also complete the online form below or have a look at our pricelists to see if we have a car that you fancy taking for a month.

Don’t forget, we also offer discoumts to NHS workers, find out more by clicking the link.

Additional Pages of Interest

We’ve listed below a number of other pages that maybe of interest when it comes to our shorter term car leases, please click on the highlighted links for more details:

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