What sort of Short Term Car Lease would work for me?

A Short Term Car Lease is an ideal way to run a car for 1 month or more, but here at Cocoon Vehicles we offer 2 very different types:

Flexible or Fixed!

So whats the difference between the two contracts?

Flexible Car Contracts

These can be run from 28 days up to usually 12 months without the car being swapped. Generally maintenance is included but its always best to check the listing as some of the high performance models do not include this package.

Our best prices on our flexible contracts come with  90 day commitment, if you need to send the car back, its not an issue but you will be charged a higher rate which will be clearly displayed in the listing.

The flexible option is ideal for businesses taking on new start staff, overseas workers coming over to work in the UK or short term projects. We also get customers who just simply want to change their cars.

Fixed Short Term Car Leases

Our fixed contracts can be for different durations, we usually offer 6, 7, 8, 9 and 12 month contracts that are fixed by the manufacturer. These cannot be extended or reduced without penalties, so aren’t great for businesses or individuals who need flexibility.

All of the fixed contracts are usually brand new or pre-registered vehicles, the cars come as is and you cannot spec the cars to your requirements. The mileage is fixed and the excess mileage can be higher than traditional leases.

If you don’t want to commit, then the flexible option would be better.

Then there is the secret third option…

Car Subscriptions

Car Subscriptions aren’t new, we have been offering these since 2008. You pay a rental that covers rental, maintenance, breakdown assistance and tyres. It includes a set number of mileas and you only need to commit to 28 days or more. You have to collect and return the vehicle to our dedicated fleet centre and of course fuel and insure the vehicle.

You can find out more about car subscriptions by clicking in the highlighted link.

What our customers are saying

“My team requires a number of different cars ranging from Toyota Hybrids up to BMW X5’s for important roles across the UK. The prices we get are competative and the process is easy. I can make a phone call on a Monday and literally have a brand new car outside the offices on a Tuesday its that simple”

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