What sort of Short Term Car Lease would work for me?

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A short-term car lease is an ideal way to run a car for 1 month plus. Here at Cocoon Vehicles we offer a couple of different types of shorter-term contracts depending on whether you need something flexible or fixed, here are the different services offered:

Let’s have a look at the differences:

Flexible Contracts

Car Subscriptions

Car Subscriptions aren’t a new service, we have been offering these since 2008 but they have become extremely popular over the last few years with Drover and Cazoo pushing their advertising campaigns and sponsorships across the UK.

You probably already pay for a streaming service such as Netflix or Disney+, so imagine operating the same sort of scheme but based on a car. This gives you a flexible arrangement that offers one payment that covers all of the motoring essentials including:

You can take a vehicle for as little as a month, but if you take the vehicle for our minimum qualifying period then it unlocks savings and includes free delivery in England & Wales.

We don’t commit you into 6, 12, 24 or 36 month agreements. Its a rolling contract that continues for as long as you need it.

Upgrade, Downgrade or Pause with ease

You can change your car at any time and our website gets updated on a regular basis with the latest stock. Or you can arrange to return the car without a replacement.

Unlike other car subscription providers in the UK, you only pay for the time in the car. So if your mid-month and you want to end your agreement, we’ll credit your account as part of your end of contract.

Flexible Car Leases

Flexible Car Leases (or Long-Term Car Hire) is very similar to a car subscription. But the range of vehicles increases as not all of the vehicles available come with maintenance and/or tyre provision as standard.

These contracts run from a minimum of 1 month and you can keep most cars beyond 12 months without those awkward swaps. Take the vehicle for the minimum qualifying period to unlock our very best prices, that work out so much cheaper than using a traditional daily rental company.

Cars showing as “in-stock” can be delivered super quick and our flexible leases are available to individuals or business users. We even offer corporate accounts and consolidated invoicing for those operating 5 plus cars.

Flexible car leases are ideal for those who need a flexible solution, great for new-start employees, salary sacrifice schemes, overseas workers in the UK or short-term projects. They are also useful for those with a car on order with a long lead time.

Fixed Contracts

Short-Term Car Leases (6 to 12-Months)

Our fixed short-term car leases are just like a traditional contract hire lease agreement, but over a short-ter period. Usually between 6-12 months.

Cars are generally brand new or nearly new and come direct from a dealership. From order to delivery is usually between 1-3 weeks for “in-stock” vehicles.

We offer the following contract lengths:

Cars are all pre-ordered and the specification cannot be changed. These are fixed contracts so you can not terminate or extend without penalties.

Most cars can be quoted on mileages up to 2,000 miles, if you need a higher mileager allowance, please see our flexible options.

Commercial Options

If you need a commercial vehicle, we offer a selection of LCV’s on our flexible and fixed options. We also call our flexible service a Van Subscription.

Our vans are ideal for businesses who need to expand their fleet quickly but without the need to commit long-term. Some of our flexible solutions canalso be used for those in the Courier and Delivery industry.

Long-Term Leases

And of course… We can still help with your long-term leases and with our fantastic relationship with manufacturers, funders and dealer groups, we can get access to some of the best 2, 3 or 4 year car leases in the industry.

On top of that, we offer a Find a Car Lease service. One quick form that you complete and allows us to do the hard work and search the market for you.

It saves you time and potencially money! Click the highlighted link for more information.

More Information

If you would like any further information on any of our short-term or long-term services, please contact the Cocoon Vehicles on 01332 290173 or use the ENQUIRY FORM below.

Rebecca joined the Cocoon Vehicles team in 2018 after running and selling a successful financial services business offering pension, investments and mortgages. Today, Rebeccas goal is to provide the best possible customer service along with news that you will want to read.

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