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It’s all about Emissions

If you hadn’t already heard, where have you been? The future of driving and its associated charges is all about emissions and being as environmentally friendly as possible if you want to keep the cost of motoring as low as possible.


With the announcement of nil rate Vehicle Excise Duty on purely electric vehicles, the greener your vehicle the less you’re going to end up paying in additional charges for motoring.


It was announced in February that older diesel vehicles, typically those registered before 2006, will now incur an extra £10 vehicle Pollution Charge on top of the Congestion Charge when entering London.


More news hit the headlines when the Pollution Charge was extended to include a further 15 cities all of which are to come into force by 2025. The list of approved cities includes Leeds, Derby, Nottingham, Birmingham, London and Southampton and the cities on the proposed list include Newcastle-upon-Tyne, Hull, Liverpool, Manchester, Sheffield, Stock, Leicester, Coventry, Cardiff and Bristol.


Previously, it was only diesel lorries, taxis, buses and some vans that incurred the extra charge but the Government are now looking at including car drivers. This could be in place as soon as next year in London.


The average tank (55ltr) of petrol now costs £64.20 and £65.25 for diesel, and the cost of fuel is rising at the fastest rate for 8 years. With this is mind, the conversion to an all-electric car is a tempting one and something that more and more people will be giving consideration to.


If you’re thinking about going greener or you’re thinking about a car with lesser emissions, look no further. We have a great range of electric and hybrid vehicles available on short-term lease and we’re also able to cater for a longer-term lease if required. Give the team a call today on 01332 290173 or complete the form below and we’ll be in touch as soon as we can.


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