How do I lease a short-term vehicle?

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If you are an individual or a business, applying for a short-term vehicle couldn’t be any easier.

Depending on your circumstances, will depend on whether you need a flexible contract or a fixed short-term lease. The process is the same, but the vehicles and contract information may be different.

Apply Online

There are a couple of ways of applying for a credit line, you can find the vehicle that suits your needs and select Personal Application or Business Application.

Complete the form which should take you no longer than 5 minutes and our underwriting team will be in touch.

You can also Apply Online with no vehicle choice by clicking on the highlighted link, complete the form and our team will come back to you.

Need to fill something in with a pen? No problem, contact our team on 01332 290173 and request a manual proposal form for an individual or a business.


Our experienced underwriters will perform credit checks, this is to comply with Anti-money laundering and FCA (where required). They will need to determine that you are who you are by requesting identification documents and utility bills at the very least.

They may also request other items of information such as bank statements, SA302 or accountants letters.

Order Forms

Once a credit line is in place and you have chosen your vehicle, our team will send you out an order form to check and sign, please read through this. They will also request other items such as payment, Direct Debit mandates and a backup card.

Your order is not confirmed until we receive the signed order form and payment.


Our contracts will come across as an E-sign document, this is usually through Adobe Echosign. It is important to read through all of our terms and conditions, return standards and advice of charges.

If you are a business, you may receive a few emails with various documents, these can include a Master Hire Agreement, Directors Guarantee or Rental Agreements.

For ease, if you have multiple vehicles, you will have multiple rental agreements that attach to one Master Hire Agreement.


Once we have received everything, our team will be in touch with regard to collection or delivery of your new short-term vehicle.

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