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Tough New Speeding Fines

The Government have been trying to cut the number of drivers speeding on our roads for years, and tough new penalties introduced today could see motorists being left seriously out-of-pocket if they don’t comply!


The new rules are aimed to make drivers consider the impact of breaking the road laws as it was felt that the previous fines just weren’t enough of a deterrent. If caught previously, the minimum fine would be £100 and 3 penalty points or a maximum of £2,500 if you were caught on a motorway.


From today however, drivers are going to be fined up to 175% of their weekly income, capped at £2,500 so how does it all work? See our quick guide below;


Firstly, the minimum fine of £100 and 3 points will remain however a percentage charge will apply to each set speed limit if a driver is going above a set speed:


20pmh Limit – Speeding at 41mph or above – 150% fine

30mph Limit – Speeding at 51mph or above – 150% fine

40mph Limit – Speeding at 66mph or above – 150% fine

50mph Limit – Speeding at 76mph or above – 150% fine

60mph Limit – Speeding at 91mph or above – 150% fine

70mph Limit – Speeding at 101mph or above – 150% fine


Speeding offences will fall into one of three bands;


those speeding 0-10mph above the limit will face a fine of 25-75% of their weekly wage

those speeding 10-21mph above the limit will face a fine of 75-125% of their weekly wage

those speeding 21mph or more above the speed limit will face a fine of 125-175% of their weekly wage (maximum fine £2,500)


In addition to the above, drivers could also face a driving ban of up to 56 days as well as 6 points on their licence.


First time offenders may be offered a Speed Awareness course however those who have been caught before will incur a fine and points on their licence.


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