What is the difference between fixed and flexible short-term contracts?

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There are generally two types of contracts available:

Short-Term Fixed Contracts

These are generally for vehicles on a contract length of between 6-months and 18-month contracts. The contracts are for set periods and have penalty charges should you wish to early terminate these agreements.

They can also not be extended or reduced in length and are set by the funder and/or the vehicle supplier.

The mileage is usually capped at a maximum of 2,000 miles per calendar month and an excess mileage charge will apply should these be exceeded. Depending on the contract, you may also be obliged to purchase the vehicle if the excess mileage exceeds 10% of the contracted mileage allowance.

Cars are usually brand new or pre-registered and are offered by our funders, manufacturers and/or suppliers, delivery times can vary and usually take longer than flexible contracts.

Maintenance is optional on all fixed-length short-term car leases.

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Flexible Contracts

Car Subscriptions

A car subscription is ideal if you want a truly flexible contract that you can run until you want to pause it, one payment covers all of the motoring essentials:

  • Vehicle Rental
  • Routine Maintenance
  • Roadside Assistance
  • Manufacturers Warranty
  • Road Fund Licence

All you need to do is provide fully comprehensive car insurance or add the vehicle to your existing fleet policy. All vehicles include a generous mileage allowance and you only pay for the time in the vehicle.

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Flexible Car Leases

Similar to a car subscription and much cheaper than daily rental, a flexible car lease is what it says; a flexible car lease that can be taken for as little as 30 days and can be run to whenever you give notice.

You keep the car for as long as you need it, with no awkward swapovers every 3 months. Generous mileage allowances on all vehicles, with many of the vehicles being in physical stock and delivery times super quick.

Many of the vehicles also include servicing within the price and all you need to do is provide fully comprehensive insurance or add it to an existing fleet policy.

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Do you include insurance?

No, none of our short-term vehicles (including Car Subscription) include insurance. It is your responsibility to provide fully comprehensive insurance for the duration of the

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