Does my vehicle include breakdown assistance?

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All of our vehicles include the manufacturer’s breakdown assistance program. This will vary from manufacturer to manufacturer but we have included details of lengths below.

On our flexible car leases, car subscriptions and van subscriptions, depending on how long you keep the vehicle for, you may find that the breakdown assistance has expired and you, may need to take the cover out yourself. Details of this can be requested from our team.

If you are looking at taking your vehicle abroad, you will need to provide European Breakdown cover and send proof to us, you will also require a VE103b.

Manufacturers Breakdown Cover Lengths

ManufacturerYears with Vehicle
Audi3 Years
BMW3 Years
Ford1 Year
Vauxhall1 Year
Mercedes-Benz4 Years
Jaguar3 Years
Land Rover3 Years
Lexus3 Years
MINI3 Years
Mitsubishi3 Years
Nissan3 Years
Porsche3 Years
Renault3 Years
Skoda3 Years
Volkswagen1 Year
Volvo3 Years
SEAT2 Years
Hyundai1 Year
Kia1 Year
Peugeot1 Year
Toyota1 Year
* Correct at the time of publishing

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