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Benefits to Long Term Van Rental

VW Crafter Long Term Van Rental

If you need to help keep the costs down for your small business in this difficult time, then a flexible van hire or short term van lease could be of huge benefit.

Utilising a short term solution on a van lease helps to contain costs when a businesses position changes, the products offered by Cocoon allow you to take shorter term van leases either 6 or 12 months, or a flexible van hire which you can take out when you need it ans return it when you don’t.

Cocoon Vehicles in Derby has been operating since 2007 and provide a wealth of experience when it comes to van rental solutions that offers affordability, adaptability and the most important, flexibility.

Whether its a short term project, new staff member or you just need the extra capacity for a short while, our sales team can help you find the right vehicles for you and your business.

Our vehicles are generally brand new or pre-registered and include the manufacturers warranty for peace of mind, they also include roadsie assistance should the unfortunate happen.

Some of the vehicles, mainly the flexible options, come with full maintenance and service packages and our fixed term 6 and 12 month van leases have the ability to add this on as an option.

Seasonal demand for vehicles can also be worked around and the fleet can be increased or decreased with ease, we’re committed to working with the clients.

Flexible Van Rental

Flexible Van Rental is a cost effective way to add to your fleet quickly without the long term commitment of a van lease.

Vehicles can be taken out for 28 days or more and kept for up to 12 months without it being swapped.

Mileage requirements can be met up to 6,000 miles per month and the majority of the flexi-fleet vans come with full maintenance and servicing packages.

Subject to status, our vehicles can come with a minimum temr of 28 days and expensive initial payments aren’t necessary.

Short Term Van Leases

With 6 and 12 month van leases available on a wide range of quality vehicles from manufacturers such as Peugeot, Renault, Volkswagen and Vauxhall, these vehicles can help fill a gap in your business, whilst keeping costs down.

The short term van leases can come with mileages up to 2,000 miles per month and we can add optional maintenance to help with fixing vehicle costs.

Non-Status Van Leases

If you are a new start-up business or you’ve had previously issues in the past, then our Non-status team can help you get mobile.

Are underwriting is based on affordability and stability, over the credit score so we’re able to offer favourable terms compared to other non-status businesses.

The monthly rentals will stay the same, but depending on your circumstances, our underwriters may ask for a refundable deposit, higher initial rental or security.

Find out more about Long Term Van Rental

Find out more about our short term van leases by clicking the highlighted link.

You can also contact the sales team on 01332 290173 or by sending an email to

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