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So many benefits to Short Term Car Leases

Benefits to Short Term Car Leasing

Car leasing has become extremely popular in the UK over the years and its extremely easy to see why, when it benefits many customers.

The main downside to traditional contract hire & leasing, is the fixed term. You usually have to sign in for a contract of 24 months or longer and a lot can change in that time.

Short term car leases can give you a lot more flexibility and you don’t have to be tied in to a vehicle contract long term. You can lease/hire a vehicle from 28 days up to 18 months.

Our short term car leases also come in a couple of different styles, so you can have a rolling flexible contract or a more traditional fixed contract such as a 6 month car lease or a 12 month car lease.

Our flexible short term car leases allow you to hire a vehicle for a minimum of 28 days after which you can return the car without any further obligation, automatically extend the vehicle or swap to another make or model.

Our fixed short term car leases allow you to take a vehicle knowing that the car you’ve taken will be yours for that length of time, however, its not always possible to extend or reduce the length. of the contract.

All of our cars come with manufacturers warranty, roadside assisitance, road fund licence and a generous mileage allowance. Some of our vehicles come with maintenance, however, this can be added on for a reasonable cost for true fixed cost motoring.

Benefits to Short Term Car Leasing

Leasing has become a really affordable way to run a vehicle, and with short term car leasing the lack of commitment over a longer period can have huge benefits to you and/or your business.

With all of our options, you’re able to decide how long you want the vehicle for and this type of car lease can really work around you and your lifestyle and business.

Many of our customers just like the idea of having a new car every 6-12 months with very little outlay, companies use the cars for probation period staff or even incentives to do better, some customers use the vehicles for short term projects or contracts.

All of the short term car leases that we offer here at Cocoon Vehicles, include Road Fund Licence, Manufacturers Warranty, Breakdown Cover and a generous mileage allowance. Some of the cars even come with maintenance.

Car leasing also means that you don’t have to worry about the depriciation of the vehicle or having to sell the vehicle when the time comes, its taken out of your hands.

If your a business, your company can claim back 50% of the VAT costs, sometimes higher depending on the vehicle usage. If the vehicle includes maintenance 100% of the VAT costs can be reclaimed on this element of the payment.

How to Apply for a Short Term Car Lease?

Opening a credit line with Cocoon Vehicles is easy. Complete the relevant online application, either business or personal and we then carry out credit checks and anti-money laundering checks. This is to see if you’re eligible for vehicle finance.

We have experienced underwriters on hand who will look after your application and may ask for additional documents to support your credit line. A decision is made extremely quickly on receving all of the information requested.

WIth many of our Flexi-rent fleet in stock, these can be collected or delivered within a few days. With our fixed contracts, these are ordered via the dealer network so may take a little longer.

Credit lines are available to individual customers for personal use. We also offer business owners, sole traders, limited companies, partnerships, self employed and PLC’s help with obtaining vehicles for their business.

We have a fantastic range of vehicles from the majority of the major manufacturers which include, but not limited to; Audi, BMW, Mercedes, Land Rover, MINI, Kia, Citroen, Peugeot, Skoda, Seat, Volkswagen and Volvo.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will my car be brand new?

The majority of the cars we deliver will be new with delivery mileage, although they may already be pre-registered before delivery.

If the car has been used a member of the team will let you know and tell you the mileage on the vehicle. This will only really be on our flexi-rent fleet.

Most of the fixed contracts will be dealer sourced and will be brand new or nearly new.

How long does it take to get a decision about my appilcation?

Our experienced underwriters will go through your application and will ask for some documentation, these are usually items that you should have to hand such as your Driving Licence (in your current address), Passport, Utility Bill (dated within the last 3 months).

They may also ask for additional information or proofs from you depending on your credit status.

So long as you have sent in all of the requested documents, a decision can be made within 2-4 hours, but our usual turnaround time is 24 hours.

What credit reference agencies do you use?

We use a couple of different credit reference agencies when making a decision on your application, these include but not limited to:

– Experian
– Transunion
– Creditsafe

We also use a national database supplied to us by the BVRLA, Hireguard and Prohire to determine any history of a hirer.

What happens if my car breaks down?

If the unfortunate should happen and your new car breaks down. You have roadside assistance and a manufacturers warranty to cover any vehicle related issues.

I’m a new start business, can I open an account?

If you are a new business start-up then it is possible to open an account with us, however, we do carry out further checks and guarantee/higher initial rentals/refundable deposits may be required subject to status.

If I take out a fixed contract, can I end it early?

If you did take out a fixed short term car lease contract and wanted to end it early, there may be penalties or early fee’s to pay.

We do however offer a flexible service to help those who are unsure how long they need a vehicle for. These can be taken from 28 days up to 12 months without the need to swap.

My current supplier swaps my car every 3-6 months for a new one, but I find this a hassle. Do you do the same?

Usually, if you take a vehicle from ourselves, you will be in the same car for the duration of the cotract, or if you are on our flexible option up to 6 or 12 months depending on the supplier.

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