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Jaguar F-PACE

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We were wowed with the Jaguar XE and the XF but Jaguar have upped their game and so the F-PACE was born.


More than a match for the Audi Q5 and the Porsche Macan, this SUV looks great and is a great drive too!


Firstly, the exterior looks smooth, classy and robust, it’s eye-catching yet understated at the same time whilst the well-designed interior is spacious and a pleasure to travel in. Drivers and passengers alike will find plenty of room in the front of this 4×4 along with neat little cubby holes either side of the centre console, a large storage area between the two front seats as well as a good-sized glovebox and door bins on each door.


In the rear of the car, there is plenty of room for two adults to travel comfortably and despite the sloping roof of this style of car, there is a large boot that could easily carry a family amount of luggage.


Car buyers looking for a 7-seater option however may come unstuck with the Jaguar F-PACE as this Jaguar and may prefer to opt for the Land Rover Discovery Sport.


In terms of a comfortable ride, the Jaguar offers multiple suspension options. For a quiet comfortable ride select Eco mode or if a throaty sound is more your style then using one of the other modes brings the F-PACE’s 2-litre engine roaring to life.


If you prefer an automatic gearbox then you’ll automatically select the 4-wheel drive option. The F-Pace’s fuel consumption figures are as good as its rivals in most instances, if not better than as the 2-litre diesel is more economical than any of its direct competitors.


So if the F-PACE has sparked your interest then why not talk to our team today who can answer any of your questions and tell you so much more about this fantastic SUV.


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