What happens at the End of the Contract?

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A the end of the contract, we will arrange a suitable date/time for you to return the vehicle back to the specified de-fleet centre or for a fee, we can organise to collect your car. If you are having a replacement vehicle on the same day, there is no charge to collect your old vehicle.

Day of Return

On the day of the return, someone will go around your vehicle and carry out a “walkaround” inspection, this is not to be confused with the suppliers inspection. Their role is to carry out a quick check of the vehicle and markdown any visible marks or damage. It is important that your car is clean in order for this to be done.

You are more than welcome to take as many photos as possible and also ask the person looking at the vehicle, to show you any of the marked damage before signing for the vehicle.

They will then accept the car and place it ready for its inspection where required, drive the car back to the suppliers for the final inspection.

Outside of Return Standards

If any marks are noted on the VCR, our Fleet Admin team will send an email stating that your car is outside of the required return standards. This can be from a small chip to large impact damage. We are duty-bound to send these emails to comply with the BVRLA’s Code of Conduct and at this stage, there is nothing to worry about.

Final Inspection

The car will undergo a final inspection by the funders/suppliers to check for any damage, this includes poor previous repairs, hidden damage or if the car is returned dirty, masked damage.

The report can take up to 28 days to reach us, in that time you can be assured that our team chases this up to comply with the Code of Conduct.

Sometimes factors outside of our control can mean on the odd occasion, this process can take longer. This tends to be because of damage estimates, disputes or issues like the Covid-19 situation.


As a fair and transparent business, we look at every car personally to ensure that the suppliers/funders have charged damage correctly. If we feel that these costs are unfair, we will dispute these on your behalf. We try and treat each car as if it is our own.

Final Charges

Once everything is received our team will then produce your official end of contract, this will include items such as refundable deposit, unused rentals and any damage or excess mileage that may have been charged.

We then send you an email to tell you the amount that will be refunded or charged to your account.

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