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Are you Invalidating Your Car Insurance?

We all know that it’s compulsory to have motor insurance in place but it’s important to ensure that the cover is adequate and that it remains valid.


Despite having insurance in place there are many ways in which people may be invalidating their insurance without even knowing it and as a result putting both themselves and others at risk.


So, here are the things that may invalidate your car insurance without you even knowing it;


Moving House: Although moving house isn’t a problem, failing to inform your insurance company of your change of address will mean that your policy becomes invalid. It’s also worth bearing in mind that insurance companies take into account your postcode when finalising your insurance premium, moving house could also cause a rise in your premium should the postcode you’re moving to be deemed more ‘risky’. On the plus side, it may mean that it could reduce too.


Changing Employment: When you have a change in career or even a promotion in your existing job, you do need to inform your car insurance provider as occupation title and type of employment make up the information that is analysed to set your insurance premium. You’ll also need to ensure you inform them as to whether you use the car to commute to work and back. Not doing so can invalidate your insurance.


Driving in a natural disaster: Although we don’t suffer too much here in the UK with natural disasters, if you’re travelling over into Europe this may be something that you wish to give consideration to. Many insurance policies don’t cover ‘acts of God’ or natural disasters therefore should you find yourself in that situation it’s worth ensuring you’re not using the vehicle to make unnecessary journeys.


Fronting: If you’re not familiar with what this is, then you’ll be interested to know that it is where the parent names themselves as the main driver on their insurance policy in order to get a lower premium for their child’s car insurance. This amounts to fraud and as a result both the child and the parent can find their insurance policies are invalidated.


If you’re looking at ways around this, try having a black box fitted to the car and looking for an insurer that is happy to take on young driver with black boxes fitted to their vehicle.


Modifications: If you’re thinking of ‘pimping your ride’ then you’ll want to give some consideration to what those modifications might mean for your insurance cover. Anything that changes the look and performance of the vehicle without being declared can result in your insurance being invalidated and should you need to claim you may find that you will not be paid out.


Vision Obstructed: No matter the time of year, if you have any obstruction to your vision including frost, ice, dirt, baggage and anything else you might wish to carry in your vehicle, if your vision is obstructed in any way you may find that your policy could be left invalid. Should you need to claim you may not be paid out and you could also be fined up to £60 too!


Tell the truth about where you car is kept: Don’t be tempted to lie to cheapen your insurance premium by stating that the vehicle is left elsewhere that where is actually is. If you have to park on the road at night, declare so. Failing to do so can again invalidate your insurance and result in your policy being cancelled if found to be false.


Well, it may be time to look at your policy and ensure that all is up to date and that all the information is correct. If you’re thinking about looking at your car as well as your policy then that’s where Cocoon Vehicles can help! We specialise in short-term car leasing, vehicle rental for short periods and lease vans too. With terms as short as 28 days we can provide you with 3, 6, 9 and 12 month leasing deals you’ll love. Give the team a call on 01332 290173 or complete the form below and we’ll be in touch as soon as we can.


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