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The top 9 cars for Golfers…

We get asked on a regular basis; “Will my Golf clubs fit in the back of one of your cars?” – So we thought it would be a great idea to compile a list of cars that both customers and ourselves are fit for that purpose.


Whilst many of you could argue with our choices, we have genuinely taken customer feedback into consideration. But please do let us know if you have alternative suggestions…


1. BMW X5 Estate
2. Mercedes GLC SUV
3. Volvo XC90
4. BMW X4 Coupe
5. Volkswagen Golf R
6. Mercedes C Class Cabriolet
7. BMW 5 Series Tourer or Saloon
8. Audi A6 Avant or Saloon
9. Volvo XC60

BMW X5 Estate

1. BMW X5 Estate – One of our most popular high end cars, mainly due to how close the short term car lease price and the traditional contract hire monthly price is. Gives plenty of space for 4 adults, even 5 at a push plus some models have the optional 7 seats. Plenty of room for your shiny set of Ping Golf Clubs.

Link to BMW X5 Short Term Car Lease Offers

Mercedes GLC SUV

2. Mercedes GLC SUV – Or the estate version as many people know it. Great room in the boot for a set of clubs diagonally and even more space with the easy access split rear fold seats. Coupe has a lot less space in the rear, so just be wary of this.

Link to Mercedes GLC Short Term Car Lease Offers

Volvo XC90

3. Volvo XC90 – One of our most popular cars on Short Term Car Lease and even those customers who deviate into other makes/models, they still end up back in the XC90. With plenty of room on tap, easy and comfortable driving and plenty of safety tech on board, its a great Golfers car.

Link to Volvo XC90 Short Term Car Lease Offers

BMW X4 Coupe

4. BMW X4 Coupe – This is another popular model on Short Term, mainly going out on our flexible car leasing scheme. With its latest refresh, BMW has given this car a much required facelift and the back end looks prettier than the front. Plenty of boot space for them clubs!

Link to BMW X4 Short Term Car Lease Offers

Volkswagen Golf R

5. Volkswagen Golf R – OK, so we have gone a little off the fairway with this one, but Golfers who are in these swear by them and with the split fold rear seats a set of clubs easily gets swallowed into the boot area. Plus customers like it as they make plenty of noise, whilst driving through the Golf Course.

Link to VW Golf Short Term Car Lease Offers

Mercedes C Class Cabriolet

6. Mercedes C Class Cabriolet – Another car where we will get questioned, but along with its bigger brother the Mercedes E Class Cabriolet these convertibles allow a set of Golf Clubs on the back seat, whilst traveling with the roof down! Make sure you don’t park it under a tree with the roof down.

Link to Mercedes Short Term Car Lease Offers

BMW 5 Series Tourer/Saloon

7. BMW 5 Series Tourer/Saloon – Some of the BMW refreshes are brilliant, and the 5 series is not a car to miss. With a much needed tech boost integrating gadgets such as Apple CarPlay and Adaptive Cruise Control, the boot space for the clubs is just the icing on the cake.

Link to BMW Short Term Car Lease Offers

Audi A6 Avant/Saloon

8.  Audi A6 Avant/Saloon – Another underrated cars, usually reserved for the reps. But as a previous owner of the Audi A6 there should be no room for complaints. Plenty of boot space in both the estate and saloon version and the expected build quality from VAG group.

Link to Audi Short Term Car Lease Deals

Volvo XC60

9. Volvo XC60 – Another Volvo and whilst the XC60 is continuing to be our most popular car on both short term car leases and flexible car programs, the XC90 really is the better car. But there is nothing whatsoever to dislike about this superb vehicle and room for the clubs.

Link to Volvo XC90 Short Term Car Lease Offers

What do you think of our Top 9 Golfers Cars?

If you think there is anything we have missed from this round up of cars for golfers, let us know in the form below, we’d love to hear from you. You can also read more on our blog with a couple of different cars including the recently released Tesla Model 3 RHD


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