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Motorway X Signs Means Move out of Lane

There has been a big Government push to make road users more aware of motorway signage and what they mean,


Specifically, the drive has been towards making drivers aware that an ‘X’ showing on the gantry above a lane on the motorway actually means that motorists should not be in that lane and that there may be a hazard up ahead.


A recent poll indicated that as many as 23% of motorway users have actually continued to use a lane clearly displaying a ‘X’ indicating that the lane is actually closed.


In the same poll, it was ascertained that 99% knew that a red ‘X’ means that the lane is currently closed yet Highways England are seeing more users ignoring the signs.


Driving in a lane that is displayed as being closed, signified by a red ‘X’ showing on the gantry, has been an offence since March 2018 and as a result of the continued use by some motorists Highways England are now awaiting Home Office approval to enforce penalties for those that do not comply with the law. Up until now, the Home Office have sent warning letters to motorists guilty of driving in the lanes.


Motorists need to understand that using the lanes put both themselves, as well as other road users, in the line of danger as well as workmen using the lanes are also put at risk.


Going forwards there is likely to be a fine of £100 as well as 3 points being added to the driver’s licence. The Highways Agency has issued more that 160,000 warning letters in the last 2 years for the use of lanes marked with a red ‘X’ as well as those using the hard shoulder inappropriately.


Highways Agency have recently launched a radio campaign to make drivers more aware of the dangers of using ‘closed’ lanes.


Here at Cocoon Vehicles, we urge road users to be safe when using the roads and always ensure they follow the letter of the law. We also provide great offers on short-term car leasing from 28 days up to a maximum of 12 months! Why not speak to the team today and find out what great deals we can offer you on a brand new 19 plate car. Call the team on 01332 290173 or complete the form below and we’ll be in touch as soon as we can.


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