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Why Short-Term Leasing is the answer when it comes to Brexit


When it comes to Brexit, there are those who are remainers, those the are in the leave camp as well as those that just want to see the end of it! Whatever you’re feeling, we can tell you why a short-term car lease is probably the answer no matter which category you fall into!


At times on uncertainty, you often see the stock markets start to wobble, manufacturers and industries tighten their belt and families and households start to re-evaluate their circumstances.


Often, it’s human nature to feel the need to somehow control the immediate surrounding environment when circumstances around them is a little uncertain and at times like that, committing to long-term plans is not always the most sensible option. Consider the housing market at present, with the uncertainty, the vast majority of home sales is down to first time buyers not those looking to take on extra commitments who are already established on the housing ladder. The same applies with vehicles…


Although uncertainty can be a time where it’s tempting to cut all costs and look at lower the outgoings, the car market is showing signs of uncertainty too. What with the diesel scandal still looming and the shift towards greener, more environmentally friendly cars, why commit to the expense of buying not knowing whether you’ll be able to sell the car down the line, what it will be worth and if it could be a mistake? This is why short-term car leasing makes sense!


Cocoon Vehicles is here to minimise your risk and ensure that no matter what Brexit, the diesel scandal or the push towards electric vehicles may bring, you’ll be safe in the knowledge that the risk isn’t on you. With the ability to swap vehicles as often as 28 days, or fix in for 12 months we have a wide range of cars, from superminis to supercars, that there is something to fit everyone’s requirements.


Get in touch today with the team and ask about of Flexible and Fixed Contracts and the range of vehicles available. We can often get a car delivered the very next working day too one we have an approved application in place. You can call the team on 01332 290173 or complete the form below and we’ll be in touch as soon as we can.



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