Why have I been charged an administration fee?

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If you have recently received a charge for an administration fee, this may be down to a PCN, speeding tick or a bounced Direct Debit. It should be clear on our invoices what you have been charged for.

Advice of Charges

We cover all of our out-of-scope charges on our Advice of Charges page on our account administration website. We will try and cover these below:

PCN/Speeding Tickets/Violations

There is a fee we have to pay to our funders/suppliers when it comes to processing a ticket, we also have a large amount of work to carry out to represent this into your name. More information can be found on our popular article: Why we charge an administration fee.

Congestion Charges

As the vehicle’s legal owner, we are obliged to settle the congestion charges on your behalf and invoice them on to yourselves plus an administration charge. If you are a repeat offender, we may add you to our congestion charge autopay account to reduce admin time and costs to yourselves.

Bounced Direct Debits

If you bounce your Direct Debit, we’re entitled to charge you a fee for representing this or debiting it from your backup card. We may also levy a late payment fee. We don’t want you to miss any payments and it is vitally important that your account in order.

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