Cocoon invests in new technology for vehicle collection and deliveries. | Cocoon Vehicles Ltd

Cocoon invests in new technology for vehicle collection and deliveries.

GoPro Hero used on collection and deliveries

Following on from customer feedback, Cocoon Vehicles has today announced investment in new technology for carrying out collections and deliveries.

Whilst Cocoon has already trialled a number of systems to record condition reports electronically, the bulk of all collections and deliveries is carried out on a paperbased pad and damage is recorded and geo-tagged using mobile phones.

Cocoon have today announced that they will be providing a number of drivers with GoPro action cameras to record the whole collection/delivery process which will help eliminate any disputes when it comes to recording damage.

From the moment the driver arrives, footage will be recorded on the camera of the driver going around the vehicle whilst also recording the position of the driver. This continuous footage will then be available for the end user to view alongside any damage photos.

“We want our customers to ensure that the collection and delivery process remains transparent throughout their time with Cocoon Vehicles” explains Director of Cocoon Vehicles; Rhys Adams.

“By recording our collections and handovers, it gives all sides a piece of mind when it comes to any disputes that the end user may have over any damage or converstaions.”

Cocoon Vehicles will start with a small number of drivers before rolling this out to all collection and deliveries undertaken by their employed drivers.

For more information about Cocoon Vehicles, please call the team on 01332 290173 or email.

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