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Changes to the Driving Licence’s and Categories

Driving Licence Changes come into effect Jan 2015Changes to the Driving Licence’s and Categories

Changes to the Driving Licence’s and Categories come into effect from January 2015, but what does this mean to you.

Well, if you have got an old style paper driving licence, you really don’t need to panic. This will be valid until the expiry date on the licence, so long as there is no major changes.

If you Ito want to swap it from a paper style licence to a new photocard, it is free of charge and then every 10 years a fee of £20 will be chargeable.

Don’t forget though, if you do not update your details with the DVLA or forget to renew it, you could face a fine of up to £1,000.

For those who have got a photocard and paper provisional licence, then the DVLA will now issue you with just a photocard. All driving licences will then be digitsed, as per the Road Tax Changes that we saw in September.

When hiring a car or a Short Term Car, the company in question will be able to check points, etc via a DVLA online system. This will also prevent those licence holders who have ordered a duplicate copy, to avoid the points being shown.

For more information on the new changes, please see the following links:

Driving Licence Changes – The Telegraph
GOV UK – Renew Driving Licence

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