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Car Theft on the Rise

It has recently been announced that car theft has seen a large increase last year according to police forces across the country.


As many as 83% of police forces reported the increase in car theft last year (36 out of 43 forces that reported) and the risk of these being returned to their owners is said to have reduced on previous years due to the amount of police officers being reduced across the country. The rise amounts to approximately a third in just one year.


It is thought the a contributing factor to the rise in vehicle theft is the ‘keyless’ entry systems that many cars are currently offering. The results have been broken down into regions/counties where the spike in crime has been the most prevalent. Other areas have also seen increases but the largest increases have been seen in;


  1. Staffordshire (37.5% increase)
  2. Bedfordshire (27.3% increase)
  3. Thames Valley (26.8% increase)
  4. Surrey (22.3% increase)
  5. Durham (20.4% increase)
  6. Gwent (19.4% increase)
  7. West Midlands (18.7% increase)
  8. Derbyshire (18.7% increase)
  9. Northumbria (18.1% increase)
  10. Essex (16.6% increase)



There have been reductions in just 7 regions, these are;


  1. Avon and Somerset (5% decrease)
  2. Merseyside (7.4% decrease)
  3. Dyfed-Powys (7.6% decrease)
  4. Humberside (9.2% decrease)
  5. Wiltshire (11.2% decrease)
  6. British Transport Police (12% decrease from train station car parks)
  7. City of London (21.8%)


It is thought that the thefts are being carried out using technology purchased on the internet that is able to replicate the signal of the remote key for the vehicle which is being kept in the owner’s house. This technology that duplicates the signal allows the thief to then enter the vehicle and drive away in it without requiring the key or having to break into a property.


Here at Cocoon Vehicles, we’ve assisted many people who have had their vehicle stolen and are looking for a replacement lease vehicle whilst they get their vehicle situation sorted out. We offer short-term leasing from just 28 days and up to 12 months with our best prices and deals being found when you take the vehicle for a minimum of 90 days.


We offer both Flexible and Fixed Contract leasing options where vehicles can be swapped or returned at the end of the contract and we delivery free of charge throughout England and Wales.


Why not get in touch and ask about or car leasing options to replace stolen vehicles, we have everything from superminis such as the Toyota Aygo, the smaller vehicles such as the Audi A1, medium vehicles such as the VW Golf, Audi A3, BMW 1 Series and Mercedes A Class right up to larger cars and SUVs.


Give the team a call on 01332 290173 and ask how we can help you! The application process is easily and can be completed the same day and we can get a car delivered as soon as the next day subject to driver availability. If you’d rather get in touch via email, you can complete the form below and one of the team will be in touch soon.


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