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Top of the Props – April 2019

We used to run ‘Top of the Props’ on a regular basis on Cocoon Vehicles, showcasing our top 5 short term car leases for that month. We’ve been very busy recently as our fleet has expanded to over 300 vehicles, but we thought we’d take the time to share our 5 most popular cars on Short Term Car Lease for April 2019.

Top 5 Short Term Car Leases for April 2019

1. Audi A1 – This little car has had a recent facelift and its better than ever, rivaling the Mini Hatchback, the car comes with a great specification and at present, a petrol only line up. We’ve had both S-Line and Sport models available from 2 different providers, with the price being really reasonable.

2. Land Rover Discovery Sport – We’ve got some highly spec’ed examples available on our flexible short term programs which includes park assist, Meridian Surround Sound Sytem and Electric Gesture Tailgate operation. They are also reasonably priced, especially when compared to Daily Rental firms.

3. BMW X4 20d M Sport – This BMW model has had a recent facelift, giving it an amazing backend and all the latest features taken from its sister the BMW X3. This car is available on flexible short term car lease programs so you can effectively try before you buy.

4. BMW 116d SE Business – This has been number one for many months, however, supply constrained the amount we could put out. With our recent batch coming into stock, this sub £400 plus VAT per month car is proving popular again as a great company car for businesses.

5. Range Rover Velar – This car doesn’t really need an introduction and has overtaken our BMW X5 deliveries due to the recent facelift that the X5 has received. These cars are beautiful inside and out, with enough tech to keep Craig Charles and John Bentley going for a full episode of the Gadget Show.

What would your top Short Term Car Lease be?

What do you think to the vehicles above, if you had a choice of any of the cars on the website what would it be? Drop us a line in the contact form below and we’ll add them to the next “Top of the Prop’s.”

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