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Big Investment into Electric Battery Research

The UK Government has recently announced plans under the Faraday Challenge Programme (named after the inventor of the electric car), to make large investments into research of the Electric Vehicle (EV) Battery.


There will be £246 million ploughed into the research, design, development and manufacture over the next four years. It is hoped that firms will bring the latest technology to be used in many appliances, including cars, as a result of this investment.


The first phase of the development will be overseen by the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC) in the hope for new ground-breaking battery technology that will become the cornerstone of a more carbon natural way of living.


The ultimate aim is to use the technology not just in cars, but in our homes, in aircraft as well as in district storage. The Government is well aware that the future will depend more and more on electricity, and companies are increasingly getting behind the innovation to deliver the UK’s low carbon target.


Alongside this, the Government have invested a further £25 million to develop driverless machinery to assist on farms, construction sites as well as in mining.


The future really does look to be electric! So, if you’re ready to make the switch, get in touch we can help you get on the road in a brand new, or nearly new, electric or hybrid vehicle. Not quite ready? Then talk to us about some of the great offers we have on both petrol and diesel makes and models.


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