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Mazda’s New More Efficient Petrol Engine

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Mazda has recently announced a that it will be launching a brand-new petrol engine that is more efficient than previous models.


In an environment where ‘going green’ is key, and people are on the lookout for more efficiency from their vehicle, Mazda have taken steps towards taking their place in the market.


Although the new engine won’t be available in cars on the market until 2019, the engine is said to be up to 30% more fuel-efficient than its current engines.


Mazda have also stated that thy have plans to work with Toyota and build a brand-new plant in the US, which will then be used to bring a brand new electric vehicle to the market.


Before the electric model however, they are keen to show off the new combustion engine. Mazda have stated that the new engine’s piston compresses the fuel-air mixture causing a spontaneous ignition.


The new engine combines the advantages of both the diesel and petrol engines and in theory it isn’t easy to make this form of technology work. All eyes will be on Mazda’s new masterpiece and it will be interesting to see how this new technology will lead them into the next electric model.


Currently there are no plans to supply this engine to other carmakers and therefore consumers will have to wait until 2109 before they can enjoy the end result of Mazda’s hard work.


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