Are you a marketing expert? Are you an Expert Writer? | Cocoon Vehicles Ltd

Are you a marketing expert? Are you an Expert Writer?

Cocoon Vehicles has many brands under its wings and we have an opportunity to work with expert writers who know marketing and analytics.


We’re currently looking to expand our team of sub-contract writers with a passion for many things but essentially motoring, using your expertise and knowledge for writing.


We’re currently looking to expand our team of sub-contractors in the following categories:


– Content Marketing
– Social Media
– Press Releases
– Paid Advertising
– Directory Websites
– Email Marketing
– YouTube Marketing
– Article Writing


Please visit the following blogs for some more ideas on the content we are looking for:


Cocoon Vehicles Blog
Short Term Car Lease Blog
– Short Term Car Leasing Articles – TBC


Here at Cocoon we would like to build a long-term relationship with you that is on a project basis, we would ask initially that you submit to us a list of topic ideas that you would love to work on, either for a blog or marketing. We will then pick one, have you outline the topic, then see where we go.


The articles will be anywhere between 1,000 words to 3,000. We won’t be enforcing the word count and we are more interested in high quality content that can be shared via our social media platforms and website. You will of course receive author credits.


We are looking for the following:


  • – Looking for a long-term working relationship
    – Has at least 1 year working experience as a writer
    – Has a good knowledge of digital marketing and social media platforms
    – Is willing to research and learn more about marketing
    – Has great grammar and spelling skills as well as proficiency in English
    – Likes working to deadlines and structures.
    – Has a social following and doesn’t mind promoting the content you are writing as it will be published under your name.

How to Apply


So now you may want to know how to apply, that’s the challenge and we hope you accept it. Within our website we have hidden a page on our website beginning with the letter Z, as a clue the word can be classed as a noun with the following definition: A line or course having abrupt alternate right and left turns.


Find this page and then click on the link to complete your details.


Within the page we will be looking for the following:


– A bit about you as well as links to your personal blog and social platforms such as Twitter and Instagram

– Why you’d be a good fit for this position

– Links to 2-3 articles that you have written

– Your rate per 500 words

– Whether your VAT registered, Ltd company or Sole Trader


REMEMBER… Don’t use the contact form at the bottom of this page, we want you to use your initiative.

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