What is Short Term Leasing?

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Looking for a car leasing solution that suits your business’s (or personal) short-term needs? Consider short-term car leases. Unlike traditional car leasing contracts, which typically span from 2 to 4 years, these leases offer shorter periods.

Whether you need a car for 3-months or several months to plug the gap between cars, short-term leases can cater to your specific time frame.

Here at Cocoon Vehicles we offer a range of short-term solutions including flexible car subscriptions and fixed short-term car leases, there are pro’s and con’s to each of the services, please see below for further details.

Flexible Short-Term Car Rentals

Otherwise known as Flexible Cars, Long-Term Car Hire or Car Subscription, these month-to-month car leases offer fantastic flexibility and can be returned by giving us at least 5 working days notice.

Our best prices are usually based on taking the vehicle for 90/180 days or more and you will only ever pay for the time in the vehicle, unlike other short-term providers.

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Fixed Short-Term Car Leases

Our fixed contracts are usually between 6 and 12 months, however, we do have different contracts depending on the vehicle available. Fixed contracts cannot be reduced or extended without paying for a penalty, so if you do need flexibility, you need a Flexible Car Rental.

We have a fantastic range of vehicles that are generally brand new or pre-registered, they come directly from dealers and usually take between 1-3 weeks, depending on stock levels.

Maintenance is generally optional on our fixed contracts, but depending on your contract length and mileage, adding a maintenance package may not be the best solution.

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Short-Term Van Leases

We offer a great range of commercial van leases on flexible and fixed short-term contracts, these are ideal for companies who require panel, crew or pickup’s for there business, but they don’t need them long-term.

We offer quite a few different options of vehicles and vehicle types, so please get in-touch with the Cocoon Vehicles team for details.

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More Questions and Answers on Short-Term Leasing

Can I sublet the vehicle?

Unfortunately, we no longer allow the sublet/subleasing of any of our vehicles. These terms will be set out by our underwriters and within our contracts.

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