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Amazon Echo Auto launches in the UK

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We know how it feels to leave the house and leave Alexa in charge of the house. Sometimes we’re driving in the car and want to ask Alexa a question, but there is no response, then you remember she is sitting on the worktop in the kitchen or on the bedside unit.

All that has now changed, as Amazon has finally launched the Amazon Echo Auto in the UK so you can take Alexa with you on your travels.

Just plug Amazon Echo auto unit in to your car’s 12v socket or USB port and conntect the unit to your IFE via Bluetooth or Audiocable. You of course need to pair this with your iPhone or Android device and be on a plan where you can teather data.

It’s 8 microphone system will enable Alexa to listen to your commands over the road noise and screaming kids with instruction taking made easy thanks to its familiar interface.

What might you use Amazon Echo Auto for?

Some might say that we have too many car accessories in the vehicle at anyone time, what with dashcams, sat nav’s, tablets, etc. But the Echo Auto unit helps by taking away the need to press a physical button on your smartphone.

For instance you could ask Alexa to play your favourite audiobook or playlist from Spotify. You can use drop into message family members and tell them you’re on the way home. With smart plugs in the home, you could even pair the coffee machine up to come on for when you walked in the house.

Business users can be read out their reminders and connecting with Google Calendar, you can find out when that important Zoom call is.

How much is the Amazon Echo Auto?

The Amazon Echo Auto is available from Amazon and all well known stores such as Argos and Currys PC World. Prices start from £49.99 but its always worth keeping an eye out on Amazon’s daily deals for cheeky price reductions.

See the Amazon Echo Auto on

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