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3 essential car accessories for 2020

Top 3 Car Accessories

We love a good car accessory and we get quite a few sent to us in the post for us to try out and promote, there are the ones that really do come in handy such as charger solutions and those that end up in the bin, like sticky pads for phones which give up after a week.

But we thought we’d put together the best 3 essential car accessories that you should really invest in.

  1. Dashcam System
  2. Wireless Apple CarPlay Adapter
  3. In-Car Phone Holder

Dashcam System

In these days where its where there is a blame, there is a claim, a Dashcam is a vital piece of equipment that should be at the top of everyone’s list.

We’ve heard so many stories where the dashcam footage has been requested by the insurance company and helped with a claim and when you can buy units from just £30, there isn’t really an excuse.

But its vital that you don’t just buy any old Dashcam, as the quality of the footage can really help. Especially if you run a YouTube channel dedicated to dashcam footage, you need it to be crystal clear.

At the top end of the budget is the BlackVue camera systems. These range in price but by investing in one of their 4k systems at circa £400, you’re guaranteed to get some crystal clear images. Find out more about the BlackVue range on Amazon

Mid-range budgets of around £100 to £170, the Garmin Dashcam range is the one we’d opt for everytime. With footage at 1440p, voice commands, GPS and a nice wide angled lens. You’ll be impressed by this all-rounder dashcam. Find out more about the Garmin Dashcam range on Amazon

At the lower end of the scale is the Orskey Dashcam, these units are approx. £0 and offer full HD footage. We were quite impressed by these units and gave them away in a Twitter competition not long ago. Find out more about the Orskey DashCam on Amazon.

If you do opt for a DashCam, try and spend the extra and get it professionally fitted. Thats also saves trailling wires across your face and hanging from your mirror. If you’re in the Derby Area, we’d highly recommend Mobile Solutions.

Wireless Apple CarPlay Adapters

We love Apple CarPlay, the layout and the fantastic CarPlay apps, really makes using your car and features a dream. We use the Maps function more that the built-in sat nav, but the wire is a pain, so lets cut that out with a Wirless Apple CarPlay adapter.

Before you jump on to the Instagram advert promoting Wireless Apple CarPlay adapters, be very careful. There are a lot of units which just don’t work.

Take your time to review units on websites such as Amazon and ask questions. We’ve had 4/5 different wireless adapters and they have either refused to work from Day 1 or worked for a week or two.

At the moment, we are using the Carlinkit version, however this only seems to work in Volkswagen group vehicles such as Audi, Seat, Skoda, etc. It can also be temporamental and can take a few attempts to get connected and working.

It does not work with the Mercedes models with CarPlay activated, so just make sure you know this before ordering them. Reputable buyers, will of course confirm if there wireless CarPlay unit will work with your car.

Find out more about the Carlinkit Apple CarPlay Wireless Adapter on Amazon.

In-Car Phone Holder

Don’t get caught by the Police holding your mobile phone, if you must insist in using your phone for Sat Nav, then gert yourself an inexpensive phone holder for the car.

This is another area that you must read the reviews before you buy. SOme come with magnets that you need to stick to the back of your phone (not recommended) and others stick into your air vent.

But we have listed the three that have impressed us the most:

  1. Eono by Amazon – More or less a great big bulldog clip for your phone that slides over the speedo. Not suitable for all cars but this unit is just £9.99 (as of 1st July 2020). – Find out more about the Eono Phone Holder on Amazon
  2. Mpow Air Vent Phone Holder – If your car allows it, the airvent holders are ideal and can be really stable in holding your smartphone. In-expensive and around a tenner in price. Find out more about the Mpow Air Vent Phone Holder on Amazon
  3. Mpow Windscreen Phone Mount – If you simply cannot find the best place to put your phone holder, then get this Mpow unit to stick to your windscreen. Safe and secure and comes with a bracket to rest the arm on your dash. Find out more about the Mpow Windscreen Mount on Amazon.

We’d love to hear your feedback

We would love to hear from you to see if you have got anything you can add to the above, have you had any of these units and would you recommend them?

Drop us a line using the online form below.


By clicking on some of the affiliate links on this page, if you go ahead and buy one of the poducts, we may get a small commission from the sale. If you’d prefer not to do this, then please do go to Amazon and copy and paste the product name into the search bar.

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