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6 top tips of things you need to consider when buying a car

Having worked in the motor trade for almost 15 years, its amazing what tips you pick up. I’m hoping some of these are useful to you.

At the end of the day there is no point in buying a convertible if you’ve got a family of 5, or going for a big engine if you are young and inexperienced.

  1. Take a look at your basic essential requirements. What is your cars main purpose, think about how much room you need in the boot for the kids football kit or even your family dog. If its a cheap to run car you need, stay clear of big engines or even big cars with little engines.
  2. Do you need a large boot? You may need storage space for a pushchair, a wheelchair or even some sports equipment. And even if you do go for a big boot, its doesn’t make economic sense to keep travelling carrying all of the extra weight around.
  3. Petrol, Diesel or Hybrid? If you only do 10k per annum their is little point in getting a Diesel, if you do short sharp commutes or school runs then a Hybrid car is a great option. Diesel cars don’t hold their money as well at the moment so you may pay a little extra at the front end and lose it at the back.
  4. Do you do school runs and short commutes or lots of motorway driving? If you need a car thats just going to do short commutes and school run’s, I’d stay well clear of diesel cars with DPF filters. Long runs and motorway driving requires a nice engine that isn’t going to be put under strain when doing 70mph. Make sure its comfortable, some brands look reasonable on paper, but are literally pains in the back if it doesn’t suit your body.
  5. Does the car need to do a specific job? If you like causing traffic jams on the run down the M5 with your caravan attached to the rear, then make sure the car meets the required towing weights. I’ve heard this all to many times that a customer buys a particular car after some advice from down the pub, only to find it can’t pull his caravan down the lane.
  6. Should I go Eco-friendly? Its totally up to you, at the moment their are grants to help towards the cost of buying a Hybrid and/or Electric vehicle. These may change over time. But if your only keeping your car for 3 years, I really would look at Petrol or Diesel.

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