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25 Tesla Model 3’s Delivered and Counting

Tesla Model 3 Deliveries

We are massive fans of the Tesla Model 3’s here at Cocoon Vehicles and we even run them on our Short-Term car lease fleet and even one as a company car.

We’re extremely proud of the fact that since August 2019 we have helped deliver an impressive 25 Tesla Model 3’s, this number does not include short-term car lease deliveries or long-term car leases.

According to Tesla, this has helped save over 18,000 kgs of CO2 and over 119,000 litres of fuel. Which is phenomenal!

Why are customers opting for the Tesla Model 3?

We’ve got many different customers who have opted for the Tesla Model 3 for various reasons, here is the breakdown below (This covers all aspects of purchasing and not just the 25 deliveries):

  • 38% Company Car Users for 0% BIK
  • 24% Looking to change to EV full-time
  • 2% Fan of Elon Musk and wants to support Tesla
  • 9% Utilise as second car to run alongside a Petrol Car
  • 4% Wanted to treat themselves to a nice car
  • 14% Wanted to try and EV car
  • 9% Other Reasons

As you can see from the above list, the majority of those customers who took delivery of a Tesla Model 3 were those who wanted to take advantage of the 0% benefit in kind tax allowance for the 2020 to 2021 year.

What other benefits does the Tesla Model 3 bring?

Apart from Tesla turning the car industry upside down and making other car manufacturers think about the future of their drivetrains, the Tesla car itself is packed full of technology. Even the standard models.

On top of this, the Tesla Model 3’s and other models from the range are subject to various software upgrades on a regular basis. So the car gets better with age and many owners have seen power increases, range increases and many features being added to their car.

The other massive factor to a Tesla is utilising the Supercharger network, with Tesla just managing to hit 500 charging stations around the UK. At many of the locations, it allows you to charge your Tesla Model 3 from Empty to full in approx 50 minutes.

You can also boost the supercharging by recommending your family, friends and work colleagues to buy, lease or finance a Tesla Model 3 by creating a Tesla Referral Code (Click the link to read more). Each time someone purchases a Tesla, you both receive 1,000 miles of free supercharing.

Try Before You Buy on a Tesla Model 3

We offer a range of Tesla Model 3’s on our short-term car leasing program, allowing you to try the vehicle, with ease in your fleet operations or your daily commute.

These are currently available on flexible and fixed options, click the highlighted links to find out more about a Tesla Short-Term Car Lease.

More information

If you would like more information on the Tesla Model 3, please contact the team on 01332 290173 or complete the online form below.

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