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2017 New Car Line-Up

It may sound like a long time until 2017, but it will soon be upon us and along with it, a whole host of brand new cars!


2017 looks set to be an exciting year for the car industry, with something on the horizon for every need and budget. Here’s a list of cars you’ll find are launching next year.


At the smaller end of the scale, there’s the Ford Fiesta hatchback. The Fiesta is an enormously popular car on British roads as well as across all age groups. With more than 100,000 sold in the UK each year we’re sure the 2017 version will be a winner again.


Another smaller car will be the re-launch of the Renault 5 Hatchback, 20 years after Renault ceased to produce them. Originally launched in 1972, the Renault 5 was a big hit with people, and was the first car to feature a hatchback boot. From its quirky design to the impressive use of space, the new 5 will concentrate primarily on efficiency and is expected to be within the same price bracket as the Clio. Although efficiency will be the main focus, it is rumoured that the 5 will have one of the most high-tech interiors on the market. A plug-in hybrid version is likely to be offered, too.
If sporty is more your style, you’ll probably be more interested in the new BMW Z4 Roadster. Or as rumour has it, it will be called a Z5! A BMW insider recently divulged that the new Z4 will be built with lightweight construction techniques similar to those used for the ultra-efficient i3 electric car and BMW i8 Coupe. It is thought that the new bonnet will remain long and sleek whilst the back of the car will be revamped with a squarer appearance.


If the BMW badge isn’t for you, what about a resurrection of the Renault Alpine? This mid-engine sports car will be one of the lightest in its class and because Renault’s weight-saving focus, even with its smaller engine this stunner will still be able to reach 0-62 in 4.5 seconds!


If an SUV is more up your street, then the Citroen Grand Cactus may be the 2017 car of choice for you! The C4 Cactus won a Car of the Year Award in 2015, thanks to its great driving experience, its excellent fuel economy and its innovative styling. The 2017 version is a little more SUV, with a raised design, hybrid technology as well as 7 seats offering families practicality as well as style.


If your budget is a little higher but you’re still after a SUV, then the 2017 BMW i5 may take your fancy. Although little is known about the new i5, it is thought that the 5-seater model will continue with BMW’s building of ultra-efficient cars with plug-in and hybrid power.


If Land Rover is more your cup of tea then spare some time to take a look at the Land Rover Discovery 5 SUV. The 2017 model is expected to see an upgraded version of the Discovery, which has become quite dated, but is expected to be much light lending itself to being more fuel efficient.


With so many exciting models awaiting us next year you may need something to plug the gap until these beauties are launched. So why not look at leasing with Cocoon? In the meantime we can keep you posted on the new models via our blog. Call us today to arrange your next lease 01332 290173


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