What are the Best Ways to Finance Vehicles for My Business?


When it comes to running a successful business, having reliable vehicles is often a necessity. However, determining the best way to finance these vehicles can be a daunting task. With various options available in the UK market, each with its own set of pros and cons, it’s crucial for business owners to understand their choices thoroughly. In this article, we’ll explore several financing options for business vehicles, highlighting their advantages and potential drawbacks.

Daily Rental


  • Flexibility: Daily rental allows businesses to rent vehicles on a short-term basis, providing flexibility in terms of usage duration.
  • Maintenance: Rental companies typically handle maintenance and repairs, relieving businesses of this responsibility.
  • No long-term commitment: Businesses can rent vehicles as needed without being tied to long-term contracts.


  • Cost: Daily rental rates can be relatively high compared to other financing options, especially if vehicles are needed for an extended period.
  • Limited availability: During peak seasons or in certain locations, availability of rental vehicles may be limited.

Short-Term Vehicle Leasing


  • Flexibility: Similar to daily rental, short-term leasing offers flexibility in vehicle usage duration, but typically for longer periods such as 6 months or 12 month contracts.
  • Maintenance: Maintenance and servicing are often optional in the leasing agreement.
  • No long-term commitment: Businesses can lease vehicles for short durations without being locked into lengthy contracts.


  • Higher cost: Short-term leasing may incur higher costs compared to long-term contracts.
  • Limited vehicle choice: Some leasing companies may have a limited selection of vehicles available for short-term leases.

Car Subscriptions and Van Subscriptions


  • Ultimate flexibility: Car/Van Subscriptions allow businesses to access vehicles on a month-to-month basis, providing maximum flexibility in usage.
  • All-inclusive: Subscriptions often include maintenance, servicing and breakdown assistance streamlining vehicle management for businesses.
  • No long-term commitment: Businesses can cancel subscriptions or switch vehicles easily without being bound by long-term contracts.


  • Higher cost: Subscriptions may come with a premium price tag compared to traditional leasing or purchasing options.
  • Limited availability: Depending on the provider, certain vehicle models may have limited availability for subscription services.

Contract Hire and Leasing


  • Fixed costs: Contract hire agreements often include fixed monthly payments, making budgeting easier for businesses.
  • Maintenance: Many contract hire agreements offer optional maintenance and servicing as part of the package.
  • Tax benefits: In some cases, businesses can reclaim a portion of VAT on monthly payments.


  • Mileage restrictions: Contract hire agreements typically come with mileage restrictions, with penalties for exceeding the agreed-upon limit.
  • Early termination fees: Terminating a contract hire agreement early may incur significant fees.

Hire Purchase


  • Ownership: With hire purchase, businesses have the option to own the vehicle at the end of the agreement term.
  • Spread costs: Payments are spread over the term of the agreement, making it easier for businesses to manage cash flow.


  • Depreciation risk: Businesses bear the risk of vehicle depreciation, which can affect the vehicle’s resale value.
  • Interest rates: Interest rates on hire purchase agreements can vary, potentially resulting in higher overall costs.

Bank Loans


  • Flexibility: Bank loans offer flexibility in terms of loan amount and repayment period.
  • Ownership: Businesses own the vehicle outright from the outset, providing more control over the asset.


  • Interest rates: Interest rates on bank loans can fluctuate, potentially increasing overall borrowing costs.
  • Collateral requirements: Banks may require collateral to secure the loan, tying up additional assets.

Cash Purchasing


  • No interest: With cash purchasing, businesses avoid paying interest on financing, potentially saving money in the long run.
  • Full ownership: Businesses own the vehicle outright, providing complete control over the asset.


  • Capital outlay: Purchasing vehicles outright requires a significant upfront investment, which may strain cash flow.
  • Depreciation risk: Like hire purchase, businesses bear the risk of vehicle depreciation, which can impact resale value.

In conclusion, the best way to finance vehicles for your business depends on various factors, including your budget, usage requirements, and long-term goals. While options like hire purchase and bank loans offer ownership benefits, they come with risks such as depreciation and interest rate fluctuations. On the other hand, short-term leasing and vehicle subscriptions provide flexibility and convenience, albeit at a potentially higher cost. Ultimately, businesses should carefully evaluate their needs and weigh the pros and cons of each financing option before making a decision.


Business Vehicle Financing Solutions


Cocoon Vehicles in Derby was established in 2007, its aim was to provide the best possible service to businesses and individuals without the need of visiting a car dealership. Whilst the business mainly focuses on short-term solutions such as subscriptions and short-term leases, Cocoon can handle most business solutions including contract hire and leasing, vehicle sourcing and financing.


Find out more about the business solutions by visiting: https://cocoonvehicles.co.uk/business/


Or speak to the team on 01332 290173.

Rebecca joined the Cocoon Vehicles team in 2018 after running and selling a successful financial services business offering pension, investments and mortgages. Today, Rebeccas goal is to provide the best possible customer service along with news that you will want to read.

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