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Tesla Look to Introduce ‘Dog Mode’

It’s probably not something that people give so much thought to in the winter months, especially the UK, but dogs being left in cars during warmer days is still a big problem globally.


Tesla however, are looking to change all that with the introduction of a setting called ‘Dog Mode’. Dog mode will allow the owners of their fully electric vehicles to be able to leave their pooch in their vehicle, with all windows up and the air conditioning on.


Elon Musk , the CEO of Tesla, has announced the remedy for the problem of dogs being left in Tesla cars with the air conditioning on only to return to the vehicle and find that their window has been smashed. It’s understandable of anyone who isn’t aware of how Tesla vehicles work but it can be expensive to have to replace a window when there wasn’t an issue in the first place.


Elon Musk responded to a Tweet in the past fortnight that shows he is always looking to improve on design and performance no matter what the problem is.


Elon Musk Twitter Response


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