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Higher Number of Hybrid Requests

If you haven’t already heard, the number of new registrations appears to have reached a peak as the number of new cars is seen to have dropped.


The biggest drop can be seen in diesel new car registrations with the number dropping by almost a quarter.


The number of car registrations in February dropped by 2.8% (compared with the same month last year), whilst diesel cars were down 23.5%. When it came to petrol vehicles the number of new cars was up by 14.4% whilst there was a big jump, 7.2%, to be seen in alternative fuel vehicles.


Only 258,000 cars have been registered so far this year, which is a drop of 5.1% on the same period last year. However, much more interest is being shown in alternative vehicles and we’ve seen this here with short-term car leasing at Cocoon Vehicles.


There has also been a number of dealerships across the country that have closed their doors due to the recent and prolonged dip in new car registrations however, we’ve never been busier providing for a short or long-term lease.


The sale of Hybrid Cars including battery electric, hybrid and plug-in hybrid were up 7.2% a given that many people are now thinking ‘greener’ and preparing for the future.


Here at Cocoon Vehicles, we offer many electric and hybrid vehicles from as little as £379 + VAT per calendar month. You’ll find that the running costs for these vehicles are considerably lower than the average petrol or diesel and performance is on par with many fuel models.


Why not get in touch with the team today and ask about our latest petrol and hybrid/electric deals? You can try out many makes and models before deciding whether or not to fully commit and it’s a great way of saying bye to the beloved diesel and hello to the future hybrid! Speak to the team on 01332 280173 or complete the form below and we’ll be in touch as soon as we can.


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