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Why we can’t wait for the BMW 4 Series

BMW keep sending us these teaser emails with the all new BMW 4 series within and its getting exciting, especially if it builds on the popular refresh of the BMW 4 series.

But here are the top 3 reasons why we can’t wait for the new 4 Series…

  1. Enlarged Kidney’s! No not in your body, but on the front of the new shape BMW 4 series. They are apparently going to bigger and bolder as ever!
  2. Coupe – Everyone is loving a 2 door coupe at the moment, but not everyone can afford to run the 8 series coupe that we’ve recently had on our short term car lease fleet.
  3. Plugin-Hybrid – Yes, thats right! Following in the foot steps of the BMW 330e (which is also currently available on Flexi-rent). The new 4-series will also be available as a Plugin-Hybrid as the 430e.

When will it be available on Short Term Car Lease?

We’d love to tell you when the new BMW 4 series will be available on our short term options, but at the moment our lips are sealed. With the 4-series arriving in October, all we can say is WATCH THIS SPACE.

In the meantime, our long-term car leasing specialists are on-hand and ready to provide quotes when they appear on our system. Just drop us an enquiry on our Find a Car Lease page and our team will be in touch (without the Spam) on when these cars will appear and can be priced.

More Information

If you’d like anymore information on the BMW 4 series click the highlighted link, if you would like information on our short term car lease solutions, please call the team on 01332 290173 or use the Get in Touch form below.

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